111 the first day's

 I plunged the longsword into the fire, but the fact that it needs to be heated means that it is distorted. Normally, it takes a long time to fix such a problem, but this time I'm going to resort to a cheat.
 I heat only the distorted part, and raise the temperature to the level necessary to restore the distortion. But it's very distorted. How did you use this? Maybe he stuck it in and couldn't get it out, so he pried it out with brute force. If so, it was the work of a dwarf, a beastman, or a lizardman.
 Now that the temperature has risen, I'm going to remove the distortion by tapping it. If the temperature is raised to the point where it can be fixed and softened like this, it will not be the same even if it is quenched again, but this is where what I checked earlier comes into play.

 While tapping it and fixing it, gradually weave in magic power to adjust the hardness so that it will be the same as the surrounding area when it is quenched again. This is done by using cheats, of course. After quenching, tempering and polishing, the longsword was restored to its original appearance and performance.
 The only difference is that the sharpness is the same, and if you pry at the same spot, you will find that the strength has increased somewhat because of the magic power contained in this area, and anyone who sees it will know that you used magic to repair it.
 However, if you put magic power into the whole model, it will be more than a high-end model. For now, this repair will do for now.

 As for the other longsword and shield, which are less distorted, I will fix them by beating them without heating them. The shield will have some warped parts, but it will be usable.
 The longsword has a large chip in the blade, so I decided to sharpen it as a first aid. If it is too large, I may need to repair it by splicing a piece of iron. Normally, I would not do this, but since it is a first aid measure in a war zone, it should be sufficient.

 If any of the items brought in this time had large cracks or were broken, they would be discarded without being repaired. I'll be the one to check whether they can be repaired or not, so it's safe to say that there were no armors that went that far this time.
 It would have been fine if I had assumed that the greatly distorted one I mentioned earlier was also unrepairable, but this time I wanted to make sure that the method I used earlier would work, so it was an "incidental" thing to do, if I may say so.
 The only excuse I have is that I wanted to establish a method for quick repair, so that even if I run out of spare longswords, I can repair the distorted ones and have them used. ...... No, really.

 After I finished my work, I headed to the command center with the documents I had been given. The sun is already working on one last job of turning the world orange to finish the day's work, and soldiers are wandering around preparing bonfires for the night. I'd better hurry. We're going to miss our dinner.

 When I entered the tent of the command center, Marius, Leroy, and some other soldiers were discussing this and that. They were probably having a long strategy meeting for tomorrow's full-scale battle.
 I found Miss Frederica at a desk in a corner, struggling with some papers, and I handed them to her.
I'm done for the day.
You're right, Eizo. You're fast.
There wasn't a lot of stuff today.
 Miss Frederica pointed to the list of documents and said.
Is this all you have?
"Yes. Nothing irreparable.
"All right, sir. I'll send a soldier to get them later. Thank you for your time today, sir.
I'll leave you to it.
 As I bowed to Miss Frederica and was leaving the tent, I glanced at Marius and our eyes met. He looked at me and said, "How are you doing? How are you doing?

 I returned to the office and cleaned up the mess. Just as I was wondering what to do, a soldier came to pick up the armor that I had fixed, and I said, "Thanks for your help.
 This completes my work for the day. Let's go to your father's place, have dinner, and go to bed.

 It was beginning to get dark and the bonfires were lighting up the darkness, so I went to the cook's place, where some of the soldiers were having a late dinner. I wondered if they had come to eat during their shift change.
 It seems that the rest of the supply team has already finished eating, so I'm sorry to say that I'm going to have to eat first.

 Today's menu was still stewed dried meat, but it was more like a stew with some root vegetables and potatoes.
 Yes, potatoes. Potatoes, a crop that would be very helpful if they could grow in our garden. I'll have to check with the owner when I get back from the expedition to find out where to buy it.
 With that in mind, I ate the delicious stew that Oyasan and the others had made.