112 the beginning of the second day

 I'm going to finish eating my dad's dinner, put the dishes back and then go to bed. Tomorrow will be a busy day if we're going to have a full-scale battle. If we don't go to bed early and regain our energy, our 30-year-old bodies will not be strong enough.
 We went back to our tent and lay down on the blankets, and the sleep came quickly, perhaps because we were unexpectedly tired.

 The next morning, I woke up just after the sun came up, did some light exercises, got ready, and headed for the kitchen. They had already finished preparing the breakfast and were waiting for us to come and eat.
Good morning, guys.
"Oh, good morning!
"Good morning, old man.
Oh, yeah! It's no good sharing your energy if you look like a sourpuss!
You're a pro, dude.
Atta boy!
 This guy's energy is definitely something to learn from. I took my breakfast of soup and bread and went to a simple table.
 The soup had a lot of ingredients in it, and it was a solid meal for breakfast. A soldier would have to eat something like this to be able to survive. The bread was softer than the one we had eaten on the way here, as if it had been baked after we arrived. There's a possibility that we'll be busy by noon, so I'll have to eat well too.

 While the soldiers were eating hurriedly, I ate slowly and thoroughly. It's a little painful, but I'm sure they'll understand that my age and the work I have to do are different.
 While I was eating like this, Miss Frederica came over to me with my breakfast.
Good morning, Mr. Eizo.
"Good morning, Frederica-san.
 She puts her food across from me, but she looks very sleepy.
You look sleepy. Did you stay late last night?
Yes, sir. I was calculating supplies for the Count, who was planning his strategy until late.
 I'm not sure if it's a good idea, but it's a good idea.
I'm sure you'll be glad you did. But don't stay up too late. But don't stay up too late. I've heard it's the worst enemy of a young woman's beauty.
"Thank you, sir. But I can't help worrying about beauty.
 In the event that you have any kind of questions regarding where and how to use the internet, you can call us at the web site.
I think you should be more confident, Frederica-san. Compared to a noble lady.
 I say as I take a sip of my soup.
"No, not at all. ......
 Miss Frederica stammers. I can't tell if she's embarrassed or not. I'm not sure if she's embarrassed or not, so I'll change the subject.

So, are you going to be doing a lot of repairs today?
Hmm ......
 Miss Fredrika is pondering with a wooden spoon of soup in her mouth. She's looking straight ahead, but her focus is not on me.
 This is one of the things I've learned about her over the past few days, she has a tendency to look off into the distance when she's thinking.
"I think it will probably increase. The Count said to be prepared for a certain amount of 'wear and tear'."
"I see.
 So either there are a lot of them, or there were strong enemies. I'm sure he came back yesterday when he had figured it out to some extent.
 The reason why Miss Frederica was pondering was because she was thinking about how much she should tell the blacksmith, but I guess she is telling us as part of her supply plan.
If that's the case, we'd better get a couple more barrels of charcoal. We have a fire pit that uses a lot of charcoal. In that situation, you may not be able to ask for help.
"I understand. I'll make the necessary arrangements.
 Miss Frederica looked up into the sky and muttered three times, "Two barrels of charcoal for Eizo-san. This is the second of her habits, when she remembers something important without writing it down on paper, she remembers it by saying it three times like this.
"I'm sorry to trouble you, but I'm counting on you.
"Of course.
 Miss Frederica responded to me with a smile like a small animal today.

 After that, we talked about a few trivial things and finished our meal. In the end, I didn't ask her why she was chosen to be the civilian in charge of supplies this time. She told me that she didn't have any actual combat experience, so I guess the purpose was to give her some real combat experience.

 On my way to the sub-branch office after breakfast, I saw a group of fully armed soldiers. They were not lined up, probably because their departure was not yet scheduled. Among them, there was a figure that I had not seen yesterday. They were slender, long-eared men - elves.
I knew it.
 I wasn't surprised by the presence of elves. As I tested yesterday, there is a lot of magic around here.
 So it's no surprise that elves, who need to absorb magic power on a regular basis and can only live in such a place, have settled down in this area. It is natural to think that if there is a concern about demons in one's own home, it is natural to want to help remove it.
 You need a supply of magic, but if there is a cave or other space nearby where magic is stagnant, there is a risk of demons.

 I felt a bit of sympathy for him, and went back to the office to concentrate on my work for the day.