114 hecticness

 I finished cleaning his knife and started to finish the tip.
 The temperature of the fireplace, which had dropped during the cleaning of the knives, was raised again by operating the fiddler. The charcoal held its heat well, so there was no need to reignite it.
 I grabbed the tip of the spear with a saw and placed it in the fire bed, added charcoal, and let the wind blow. The flame, which had seemed to have settled down, came to life again, raising the temperature of the tip.
 Eventually, he sensed with his cheat that the temperature had risen to a level suitable for quenching. He quickly removed the steel from the fire pit and put it in water to quench it.
 I could feel the steel hardening in my hand from the tool. Again, the cheat told me when it was time to remove it from the water. Steam rises from the tip, as if it has begun to breathe slowly.

 I then polished the fine bumps with a whetstone to even them out, and sharpened the blade. The tip of the spear was now complete. It seems that the troops who went to the cave have not returned yet, so let's go look for the handle.
 I left the office and went to the wagon carrying the materials of the House of Amur. I'm sure you'll be able to find something that will help you out.

 You don't know when the troops that went to the cave will come back, so you have to look for them quickly. As I rummaged around in the wagon, I found a collection of sticks of various lengths. These are probably not the ones used to prevent assaults, but the leftovers of the ones used for the fence around this place.
 If so, they probably won't be used anymore. There won't be a change of position, so there won't be any additional fences.
 I took out a stick that was just a little longer than it should have been, and returned to the office.

 When I got back to the office, I cut off the stick and made it exactly the right length. The one I cut off is also used for this purpose.
 I put the end of the stick into the part where the handle of the spearhead was spread out for insertion, and caulked it. Now the spear is completed. I did not make the spearhead. I probably won't use it in actual battle.
 Use a knife to hollow out the short end of the stick to make a small cup. Fill it with water from a canteen and place it on the shelf with the statue. The spear is placed under the pillar where the statue is placed as a votive offering.
 It would be better not to come to such a situation, but I hope I can get the blessings of this goddess if I should ever use this spear. The problem is that I don't even know what kind of goddess she is.

 Just when I thought I was running out of things to do, Mathis arrived.
"I need you to fix my horseshoe, okay?
"Hmm? Yeah, sure.
 It's not worth the money, but I don't see how I can refuse, so I accept. I thought I'd have more time on my hands, but I guess I'm busy.
 When I agreed, Mathis handed me some horseshoes. I checked them with the cheat sheet and found that they were indeed distorted. I don't need to heat it up, so I'll just hit it directly with the anvil and fix it.
Nice horseshoe.
 I found out by cheating that the iron used is rather good. It's a bit of a misnomer, but I think it's too good for a horseshoe.
You know what I mean?
 Mathis asks in his usual languid, but slightly amused, tone.
"Yeah. That's because I'm a professional. That's because you're a professional. The wood is good, as is the construction.
"I see.
 Matisse says in an even more pleased tone of voice. It's hard to tell because his expression doesn't change much, but he may be more honest than I thought.

 It took a while, but I finished hitting all the horseshoes and fixing them. I used all of the cheats, and since it's not a weapon, I figured it wouldn't be a problem to strengthen it, so I put a lot of magic power into it, so it will probably last much longer than an ordinary horseshoe.
Hey, I'm done.
Thank you, thank you.
Don't worry about it. It's all part of the experience.
 I respond with a wave of my hand.
Doesn't Eizo make horseshoes?
Well, he'll make horseshoes if he's asked, but right now he's mostly making weapons.
"I see.
 Mathis said, but his expression did not change much, so it was hard to tell if he was sad or satisfied. I guess I should think about getting an order for horseshoes soon.
 Mathis took the horseshoe, thanked me again in a stilted tone, and walked towards the stable.

 Just when he thought he could take a break, another job came up. It seemed that the party that had gone to the cave had returned, and Miss Frederica came storming into the office with a repair order and a barrel full of armor that the soldiers were carrying.
I want you to fix all of this! I need you to fix all of this!
 I want you to fix all of this!" Miss Frederica said, sounding more impatient than ever. Judging from the amount of armor she wanted repaired, there were probably a good number of injured people, and the command center must be in a state of panic.
"Yes, sir. Leave it for now.
 Miss Frederica left again in a hurry. I'm sure she'll be managing other materials from now on, so thank you for your hard work.

Let's see. ......
 I saw Miss Frederica off and started checking the list of requests she gave me.