115 Mass Repair

 The list included many longswords, a few shields, and an armor breastplate. I can imagine a fierce battle. I hope it's over today.
 There were also four barrels that the soldiers had brought with them. This might not get done today. I took everything out of the barrels at once.

 Four barrels of armor is quite a lot. They're all crammed into the office. I put them in order of least time to fix.
 By repairing the ones that take the least amount of time to repair, I hope to get as many of them back into usable condition as possible. This will lead to more weapons being usable in the same amount of time. One of them could mean the difference between life and death for all of us in an emergency.

 The first step is to repair the lightly warped longsword. There is no need to prepare a fire, and the process is as simple as tapping.
 Of course, if the longsword can be fixed with one or two taps, it will not be recognized as having a problem in the first place and will not be brought to us. In other words, it is certain that it will take at least that long to fix.
 But I can't start until I get rid of these guys, so I pick one up, place it on the anvil, and hammer it while checking for distortions with a cheat.

 It was a bit forced, but thanks to the cheat, I was able to repair one of them without taking much time. There are nearly two more digits to go. There was no time to feel relieved or depressed, so I put the repaired one in the barrel and picked up the next one and started tapping.
 I continue to work hard, and when I have repaired all the ones that need minor distortion correction, I put the ones that need sharpening in the barrel with them and bring them to the grinding table. The empty barrels were also brought and placed near the wheelhead.

 I pull out a longsword from the barrel and sharpen it while checking it with a cheat sheet. Don't worry too much about the quality, just get it ready for use. Since it is more efficient to do the same work all at once, I adjusted the sharpening process so that I could do it all at once.
 One piece is finished in less than a minute. Without the cheat, it would have taken more time, but if you use the cheat and don't care about the quality, it's not so bad.
 After this, the longsword is taken out of the barrel, sharpened, and put into another barrel, and the unsharpened barrel is empty.
So the longsword is done for now.
 Two digits and a few swords were ready to be returned to the front line. There are still a few heavily warped swords left unrepaired, but I think I have enough to replenish the supply.

 The next step is to repair the two shields. One of them can be repaired by tapping, but the other one is so pitted that it needs to be heated to be repaired.
 The shield, the one that can be tapped, will need more tapping than the sword, I'm sure of it. Let's get on with it.

 The shield has a gentle curve. So you need to repair the dents along it. It would be better to use a splint, but I'll use a cheat here.
 The first step is to knock out the dent to the opposite side. This is the first step in bringing it back to a near flat state. After this, tap it out at an angle so that the curve returns, while allowing a little magic to enter. Normally, this kind of modification would not result in the original performance.
 In the previous world, it would be like trying to put back a can that has been dented in the center. At first glance, it may look as if it has returned to its original state, but if you look closely, you will find distortions here and there.
 In the same way, striking from the back does not work so well, but you have to manage it with a combination of cheats and magic power.
 Eventually, the shield has almost regained its original roundness. I'm sure there are still some minor distortions if you check, but it should be enough for the front line to repair.

 At this point, the sun was already setting. There was still the breastplate to be repaired, but I wondered if this was something that needed to be finished today. The greatly distorted longsword has cracks and needs to be heated up, so it will take even longer to repair, so I'll have to forgo it.
 I'll leave the sub-branch with the list in hand and head for the command center.

 When I entered the tent of the command center, things were starting to calm down inside. It must have been a long time since they returned while I was repairing. Marius and the others were around the table to discuss the plan, and they were exchanging words, but they didn't seem to be arguing, but rather repeating confirmation.
 Since Miss Frederica had come to request repairs and the order to withdraw had not come down, the mission would continue tomorrow, whether it was a failure or a success. They may have retreated today while the damage was relatively light, since it was part of their plan to extend the mission until the day after tomorrow.

"Ah, Mr. Eizo. Are you finished?
 I'm going to call out to Miss Frederica, who seems to be relatively busy even in such a command center.
No, there's only the breastplate left. The sun will be going down soon, and we'll need a bonfire if we're going to repair it today, so if it needs to be repaired today, please make the necessary arrangements.
"I see. I have a spare breastplate, so it can wait until tomorrow.
Also, these shields and swords are beyond repair here. We can fix them if we have to, but it'll be very emergency.
"Understood. You can keep the ones that can't be repaired. I'll have you pick up the ones we finished repairing today later.
 Pointing to the list of items she deemed irreparable, Miss Frederica took a new piece of paper and wrote something on it. It would affect the payment, and there would have to be a separate request to repair (or cast down) the item somewhere when she returned, so it was probably something like that.
I'll bring this back tomorrow.
 I pick up the list I brought with me.
I'll bring it back tomorrow.
"Yes, I hope so, sir.
 I leave the command center. I returned to the sub-branch, thinking about the restoration schedule for tomorrow.