116 Out of Scope

 We'll clean up when we get back to the field office. While I was waiting for the pickup, I checked the breastplate. Basically, you can fix it by tapping it, but it needs to be heated a little.
 You only need to heat the part that needs to be fixed, but you have to remove the belt just in case, so that's where the trouble lies.

 The soldiers arrived not long after I finished cleaning up, and took the repaired armor back. Go and work hard again.
 After that, I'll go to my father's place for dinner and go to bed. My stay will be extended as planned, so I haven't started cutting down on food yet. I ate a good meal and went back to my tent, and sleep came quickly.

 The next morning, I woke up, prepared myself, and went to eat breakfast. A few soldiers came to eat, but as far as I could see, their morale was still intact. They are probably trying to finish the job today, and the thought of a triumphant return if they do well today is supporting them.
 Conversely, if they don't make a decision today, they will have to attack tomorrow with a reduced number of troops due to injuries or other reasons, and their morale will be low. Depending on the situation of your opponent and ours, you may have to retreat and come back again, or wait for reinforcements.
 If you fly early this evening and hang on for six days, the advance party of the reinforcements will arrive with supplies, and the main body of the reinforcements will arrive two or three days later.
 However, I can easily imagine that failure would cast a bad shadow on the future of the Amur family, and if it came down to who would pay for the reinforcements, the Amur family would have a larger share than the country, so they would want to settle the matter today, no matter what.
 I'm sure they'll want to settle the issue today, but I'll probably just help them. With this in mind, I ate dinner and headed for the branch office.

 When I arrived at the office, I built a fire in the fire pit and took off my breastplate belt while it was still hot. It took a lot of work, but I managed to get it off.
 The range of the cheat is blacksmithing, so it should work for armor as well. I haven't made it yet because the number of items I can make is too small to justify the effort, and it's not like I can sell it as a household item like a knife.

 Just as the temperature was rising and I was about to start, a young soldier came running towards me. He was a bit far from the command post, but he must have been in a great hurry because he was breathing hard.
'Excuse me, the Count wants to see you.
 The soldier said to me.
"The Count?
"Yes. Yes. He says it's urgent.
All right. I'll be right there.
 I'm worried about the fire pit, but it won't be a problem if it's left unattended, so I decide to head there immediately.

 As I followed the soldiers to the command post, I saw a group of soldiers wearing metal and leather armor gathering in a square. Leroy was getting reports of checks and such. They would be heading for the cave in a little while. Let's hope they can finish it today.
Count, the blacksmith is here!
 A soldier reports to Marius as he enters the tent. Aside from personal friendship, here we are the Count and a blacksmith. I have no objection to the way the soldier said it.
"Well, thank you for your service. Everyone stand down for a moment.
 Marius replied with a hawk's smile and waved them off. A few soldiers and Miss Frederica walked out. Miss Frederica glanced at me with a worried look in her eyes, but I'm sure it wasn't punishment. It could be worse.
 And so it was just me and Marius in the command center.

What's so important that you had to go to the trouble of wiping us out?
 Now that it's just Marius and me, I speak in a casual tone.
"Yeah. It's not a big deal, if you ask me. ......
 Marius stammers, which is unusual for him.
"It's nothing to be shy about now. Well, of course I'll take the money.
 I laughed and urged him to go on.
"Well, I'm sorry Eizo, but I need you to escort me to the cave. But it's not me. It's someone from a nearby elf village. I need your help to contain the source of the demon.
Are the soldiers too much for you?
No, they're not impossible to assign. We can pull a couple of guys from the guards of this camp to help defend this place, and then we won't have a problem in terms of numbers, but we're not good enough. ......
Oh. ......
 Most of the people who come here are recruits. In the event you're not sure what you're looking for, you'll be able to find it on the web.
 And guards must be able to protect themselves as well as the safety of their targets. Whether or not you are prepared to risk your life to protect them is another matter, because there is no point in being an escort if the escort dies easily.
I'm just a blacksmith.
 I'm not going to ask you to be a mere blacksmith, but I'm going to try to resist.
"You're a good blacksmith, aren't you, Eizo?
 To no avail. Marius knows that the Marquess encouraged him during the riot and that he was able to overcome his intimidation.
"All right, all right. But just make sure you have a reason for the old blacksmith to be your escort.
I'm sure you'll be able to understand why. I'm sure you'll be able to come up with a cover story.
 There was even a cover story already in place. I shrugged my shoulders and somewhat grudgingly agreed.
"You're leaving, right?
"Yeah. I'm supposed to meet up with my escort a little ways out of here.

"Okay. I'll go get you something.
You got it?
 I waved my hand to indicate that I understood and ran to the tent to get my belongings.