117 go to the front

 First, go back to your tent and take your own shortsword. I hurried back to my workshop, shoveled out the excess coals, put the lit ones in the center, and put a brick in front of me to keep the lit coals from flying away. I put the decorated statue of the goddess in my pocket as a talisman and took the spear. The length of the spear was about 120cm, so it would be effective if the cave was not too narrow. As a guard, it would be better to have a weapon that can attack at a distance.
 If you have to abandon it, you should try to bring back at least the tip.

 With the two weapons, I return to the command post. There was leather armor for my upper body, I guess.
Am I in the right place?
 There were other people in the tent, including Miss Frederica, so I spoke to Marius in a polite tone.
"Oh. You can use that. Hey.
 Marius responds to my words and calls for a nearby female soldier. She'll take the armor and put it on me. I'm not used to wearing it either. .......
 However, I thought that she was very skillful, and when I looked closely, I saw that she was a servant of the Amur mansion who had changed my noble clothes before. He seemed to have realized that we had noticed him and smiled.

 With his armor on, he looked like a light infantryman. It lacks a shield to enter the phalanx, though. When the servant left, he whispered to me in a voice I could barely hear, "You look good in it," but I felt embarrassed.
 As I was embarrassed, I noticed Miss Frederica staring at me.
"Have you ever been in the military, Mr. Eizo?
 When our eyes met, Miss Frederica asked me something like that.
"No, not at all. No, not at all. That's why you let me wear it.
"I see. But it looks good on you.
Thank you.
 I smiled and bailed. Now we have to leave. I glanced over at Marius and his servant, who had a heartwarming look on their faces. I don't suppose that Miss Frederica is in the command center for healing?

 After leaving the command center, I lined up behind the soldiers in the square. I'll go directly under Marius' command later.
 Not long after I got in line, Marius came out of the command center. The soldiers lined up and saluted on command. The salute is not a raised hand, but a fist to the chest.
 Marius raised his hand, and they all lowered theirs.

"Gentlemen, today is the day that we will bring down the hammer on those scum, and we will be completely victorious!
 Marius looked around at everyone and said in a loud voice.
Marius looks around at everyone and says in a loud voice, "Unfortunately, I can't say that I will reward you all as much as you want for this achievement. The treasury of the House of Amur will be vacant. If any of you wish to live in the vacant room, you may do so, as you will earn money for your stay.
 The soldiers laughed. That's a good trend. It doesn't matter how good the joke is, when it's not funny anymore, that's when you're in trouble.
"Today, I want you to think of this as your first step toward getting the reward you deserve. I hope this will be your first victory, and I hope it will go down in your history!
 The crowd erupted in cheers. I hope this will raise morale and make today's defeat a success.

 Leroy led the majority of the soldiers out of the cave. They were lined up in an orderly fashion and were in high spirits. Their footsteps were somehow in sync, and they must have been quite intimidating if we suddenly ran into them.
 It seems that I, Marius, and a small group of soldiers are going to meet up with the target of the escort as a separate unit. It's not a special operation, they just don't want to send a lot of soldiers on a detour.
 They say it takes a lot of effort just to get 10,000 soldiers in and out of the park, and even if it's on a much smaller scale, they must want to reduce the number of times they have to lead them.

"The planned location is here.
 One of the soldiers leads the way. I remember seeing him at the Amur mansion, so he must have brought one of his servants who knows martial arts as his bodyguard.
 I thought for a moment that it would have been better to send them to guard the people who would be guarding him now, but that would have meant losing Marius' bodyguard.

 We walked through trees that were too few to be called a forest, but too many to be called a woodland. I was impressed by the fact that some of the lower branches had been cut down, as if they were being managed as a lumber forest.
 It was a little more than a quarter of an hour later, when the number of trees had increased a little, and an elven woman was standing facing away from us. There were several elven men who had escorted her here, and they were conversing with her.

"It's that woman.
 The soldier who had led the way said to Marius and me. The elf woman turns around, as if she heard us.
 She has long slit eyes, fine silvery-white hair cropped around her shoulders, and long ears. As an elf, her features are quite ordinary. But I was quite surprised.
 --The Elf woman I was escorting was Liddy.