119 battle

I asked the captain, "Why the hell do we have to defeat the master or something?
 I asked the captain.
"A demon is a stagnant mass of magic.
 It was not the captain who answered, but Liddy. Her voice was quiet but clear.
"From stagnant magic, demons are born.
Not exactly a creature, is it?
Yes. Dragons, demons, and other demons that are originally alive are not living beings like us. They are born from magic and simply multiply. And they will attack anything that is alive.
 They are like the enemy monsters in the computer games of the previous world. We don't know what kind of life they live, they just appear endlessly and attack.

What happens when you defeat it?
The magic power in your body will disappear. If it is a living being, its body will remain, but its magic will disappear.
 So you don't know if the bear you killed before was a demon or not. I'm pretty sure it wasn't born from magic.
 I thought magic was some kind of energy, but apparently not. At least, it is not something that is subject to the law of conservation. It's too strange for energy to disappear after having existed.
If the master is not defeated, a demon is born from its magic power. If you don't defeat the master, a demon will be born from its magic power, and more demons will be born from the demon's magic power.
Then there's no limit to the number of demons that can be created if left unchecked.
 It's like counting demons.
That's right. Normally, demons only sprout up little by little, but if a large number of demons sprout up for some reason, it will be a big problem. That happened a while ago. Here.
 You just said something that sounds heavy. I'm curious, but I don't want to follow it too closely.
We barely fought it off, but there were a few demons left. We tried to keep them from increasing for a while, but we couldn't defeat them all, and it looked like it might happen again, so we sent a strike team.
"I see.
 The elves can defeat the master, but they can't make a way to get there. The strike force can create a path to get there, but they can't defeat the master. So we should follow each other to annihilate them.

 While we were talking about this, the sound of battle was getting louder. I could see the flickering light of the torches and the reflected light of the swords. It seems that the place is a little like a hall. As far as I can see from here, it's a big crowd.
The captain shouted at me, "All right, you protect the elf lady!
 The captain says to me in a loud voice.
I know what I'm doing!
 I shouted back at him as loud as I could, and held my spear at the ready, shielding Miss Liddy behind me. The soldiers stepped in front of us and began to clear the area.

 As we entered the middle of the battle, we could see the demons here in the torchlight.
 They are about the height of a dwarf, with green skin. Their heads are hairless, their noses protrude, and their eyes glow yellow. Unbalanced limbs, like thin dead branches, extend from the body.
 The closest thing to a goblin that I know is a goblin. But the goblins I know are a bit more civilized, clothed and armed, but these guys don't have anything on their bodies, and their weapons are long claws and razor-sharp fangs, making them look almost like animals.
 They jumped at the soldiers, but most of them were blocked and struck back. The goblins that are cut down do not make a spray of blood, and when they fall, they turn into black ashes and disappear. So this is not a living thing. .......
 If you've ever been in a situation where you're not sure if you're in the right place at the right time, or if you've just been jumped on, you may have seen a soldier swing his sword with such force that it struck a rock on the ground. It's true that the sword is warped and chipped. I'll fix the ones I can when I get back.

 The soldiers are clearing the way in front of me, so I'm going forward, protecting Liddy and focusing on the back. On the way, a goblin approached us, perhaps slipping through the gaps between the soldiers.
 He thrust out his spear so as not to hit the soldiers, and without aiming too hard, the tip of the spear caught the center of the goblin's body and slid right in.
 The lack of substance I just saw and the feeling in my hand don't match up, which is really weird. Even though the performance of the spear is equivalent to that of a custom-made model, it still feels a little like it is piercing the flesh.
 I quickly pulled out the spear and the goblin disappeared before it could fall. There was nothing left behind.

 I slaughtered about four goblins just by crossing the hall. Some of the soldiers were injured, but mostly unharmed, and the goblins were reduced in number.
 With the battle behind us, we jumped into the deepest part of the cave, where the boss was waiting for us.