120 a desperate struggle

"The deepest part is this far in!
 The captain calls out to me and Liddy. There's some kind of entrance at the end of the hall.
"You two stay here and guard it! We're going in!
 The soldiers nodded and quickly followed one by one to the side of the entrance. I wondered when they were clearing the street, if this squad was one of the most skilled.
 Well, if they weren't, they wouldn't have brought Ms. Liddy along as an escort. She is also a decisive weapon, and it would be useless if she is lost on the way.

 We jumped into the entrance and found ourselves in a large space, not as large as before, but quite large. Soldiers unfold in front of us.
 Illuminated by torches, there were many goblins and goblins that looked much larger than the goblins.
 I'm not a tall man myself, but they are taller than me. But they looked like muscular goblins, with no clothes or armor, just like normal goblins. That's the master. I'd call them hobgoblins.
We'll take care of the fish, you guys take care of the master!
 The captain shouts, and I shout back. It's time. I gripped the handle of my spear tightly.

 The captain and his men do as he says, kicking the goblins around the hobgoblin. The captain cuts them down with a single sword, but the other soldiers take a little longer.
 The hobgoblin is not sitting idly by, and is about to attack the soldiers along with the goblin, and the soldiers who have taken care of their opponents and me are barely able to save themselves.
 I see, that's why they retreated yesterday. Unlike today, there must have been more of them yesterday. There are many goblins between us and the hobgoblins, and we are not yet in a position to fight the hobgoblins on our own.

 Despite their size, hobgoblins move very fast. I tried several times to attack the hobgoblin through it, but although I could hurt it a little, I could not inflict a fatal wound in that situation.
 If I hit the right spot, this spear would easily pierce the skin of the opponent, even if it was a little hard, but if I didn't hit the target, there was nothing I could do. It's frustrating, but you should be in a position where you can get close to the enemy quickly when a path is made.

 While we were fighting like this, the goblins dwindled in number, and the captains held them back, creating a path between us and the hobgoblins. Liddy and I approached the hobgoblin.
 We have the advantage in numbers, but that doesn't mean we can just stab the hobgoblin with our spears and call it a day.

 In order to separate the goblin from the hobgoblin, I thrust my spear at the hobgoblin. The hobgoblin, as expected, dodged it quickly. The hobgoblin dodges it as quickly as expected, and with equal speed I draw back my spear and thrust again. I don't expect to hit it. The hobgoblin dodges at a distance.
 By repeating this, I gain distance between the hobgoblin and the goblin. In between, the hobgoblins attacked me. If they're aiming at me, I'll take a few hits at worst, but if they're aiming at Liddy, that's not going to happen, and I'll have to defend myself from the goblins that notice me.
 It was a great decision to give me the combat cheat as well. ....... If it weren't for this cheat, I wouldn't be able to protect people and fend off enemies at the same time. I'll be thanking her in my heart. I thanked her in my heart. I thought I heard a laughing "You're welcome".

 Eventually, I pulled the hobgoblins away until they were out of the way. It's time for you to go, Liddy.
"What should I do now?
 "What should I do now?" "I'll ask Liddy-san for instructions while trying to survive the hobgoblin's attack. I tried to see if I could kill it, but it was difficult because I had to keep Liddy in mind.
Eizo-san, please try to keep the demons from moving. Meanwhile, I'll make preparations. Get down when I give you the signal.
 Liddy answered in a clear voice. I nodded my understanding. But you don't mind if I kill him, do you? I swallowed as I said this. I took a closer look and saw that the wounds I had just inflicted were already closed. Could this be...?
"It's healing with magic!
 I said involuntarily. This time, Liddy nodded.
Pure magic won't heal, but stagnant magic will.
 So that's why the soldiers are taking so long to kill the goblins, and the real reason why they couldn't kill the hobgoblins even though they came in large numbers yesterday. It's so annoying.

 But there's no point in complaining. I have to deal with the hobgoblin until Mr. Liddy finishes his preparations. I launch my spear to kill it, but it's too fast and heals too fast. It's not like a bear, is it? So I'm going to have to increase the number of moves so that it can't do anything else.
 I'm going to put my aim second, and just go for the spear, focusing on the number of moves. Occasionally I'll hit a hobgoblin and wound it, but it won't take long for the wound to heal.
 The hobgoblins don't just keep hitting me, they focus on me. I think it's because the two or three times I've tried to hit Liddy, I've hit her in a way that would have ended it. I don't know if she has any feelings, but I think she must have been very scared. At least it seems to be capable of learning.
 It thrusts its spear at me, and when there is a slight gap, it throws a kick at me. The kick was so sharp that it made a gurgling sound, and if it hit me, at least I would not be in a condition to continue fighting. I twisted my body to dodge it, and even drew back my spear, but this was also dodged.

 How long did it go on like this? I don't know the exact time, since I've been exchanging lives. It must have been at least a quarter of an hour, and then Liddy shouted.

Get down!