121 Victory

 When I heard Mr. Liddy's voice, I quickly got down. Rather than falling down, it would be better to say collapsing.
 A blue-white light ran over my body. The hobgoblin sees it and jumps back. But the light changed its trajectory and pursued the hobgoblin, hitting him.
 There is a crashing sound, and the hobgoblin falls onto its back. If the hobgoblin disappears, I'll have defeated it, but I doubt it.

 I quickly raise myself up and readjust my spear. As I wait, the hobgoblin does not disappear, but stands up and howls.
 The air shook with a chill. It seemed to have worked. I don't know if it's the same as the beast, but the wounded one might be more troublesome. Let the second round begin.

"No luck, .......
 Liddy murmured behind me. She didn't expect me to survive that.
Can you do that again?
 I asked her, thinking that it would be impossible, and she shook her head.
The only other option is to use this: ......
 Liddy-san showed me the sword on his waist. It's a mithril sword that I fixed. I've heard that it can be used as a magic battery, but I thought there was a procedure to do that.
Oh, by the way, what do you need to do to use it?
 What do I need to do to use it?" "Well, since you're hesitating here, is there something important you need to do?

 The tone of voice is the same as usual, but he says something outrageous, and for a moment I can't catch up.
In exchange for your life, you can draw out your magic power and use the spell once more.
"Then don't do that.
 Liddy explained in detail, and I quickly dismissed the idea. I'm not sure how Liddy brought the sword to my house, but for now I'll concentrate on killing the hobgoblin.
"...... Yes.
 I'm not sure what to make of that.

 It's a good idea to have a good idea of what you're looking for.
 As I observed her, it seemed that the spell she had used earlier had worked, and her movements had slowed down. It might not be too difficult for me to kill it. I don't know what's going to happen tomorrow, and I don't think it's a good idea to miss this moment.
I'll take care of it.
 I declare to Mr. Liddy. Well, there's no turning back now.

 The hobgoblin aims at Ms. Riddy again. It's probably because it's wary of the magic, but that would give it an opening.
 I don't have the right to let him get away with it, so I stick out my spear. The hobgoblin, perhaps expecting it, easily abandoned his attack on Ms. Liddy and avoided it.
 The hobgoblin dodged several spear attacks. However, my attacks are hitting harder and my wounds are healing slower than when the same thing happened a while ago.
 If I were up against a normal creature, I would be able to take this fight to an end and win, but I'm not a normal creature. If I were to engage in an endurance battle, I would be at a disadvantage because the hobgoblin would absorb my stagnant magic.

 I waited for an opportunity to attack the hobgoblin, while passing its attack. I took an irregular stance, holding the back half of the spear handle in one hand, and the other hand holding the spearhead (not attached this time, but it was the edge).
 Neither attack was fatal. But little by little, the hobgoblin's attacks began to hit me as well. I'm getting bruises and cuts all over the place. I'm lucky those claws aren't poisonous.

 Then came the chance I'd been waiting for. The hobgoblin tries to dodge when I show signs of attacking. I thrust out my spear with all my might, and the hobgoblin leaps right back. I had been waiting for this moment.
 Just before I complete my thrust, I remove one hand from the spear handle and push the spear out with the other hand. The spear, which had enough speed due to my enhanced muscle strength, was much weaker than when I threw it in a proper spear-throwing stance, but it sprinted through the air just a little.

 It's not the kind of thing you can aim for, so it didn't hit the center of the chest you were aiming for, but the spear pierced the hobgoblin's abdomen. But the spear pierced the hobgoblin's abdomen. There was no way to avoid the spear if it flew in the same direction as the hobgoblin jumped.
 The hobgoblin steps on the spear. I had already drawn my shortsword and jumped into the hobgoblin's pocket.
 The hobgoblin tries to regain his stance, but I push the handle of the spear sprouting from my abdomen to prevent him from doing so. Once again, there is an opening. I thrust the shortsword into his chest.
 He fell to the side with a cry of pain. The game is now won.
 I quickly swung the shortsword down on the neck of the fallen hobgoblin, and the neck separated from the body, and then both were gone.

 Watching this, I collapse like a puppet with a broken string. I was at the end of my rope. Out of the corner of my eye, I see Liddy rushing towards me with tears in her eyes.
"Are you okay?
 Ms. Liddy asks me as she bends down to look into my face. Your eyes are as beautiful as ever.
I'm fine. There are some injuries, but nothing fatal. Oh, I'm so tired. ......

 As I said this breathlessly, Ms. Liddy lightly poked me in the head with a poke.