122 after a victory

 The hobgoblin was a stagnant mass of magic that affected the surrounding goblins. It was clear from the situation that the troops who had been guarding us had begun to dispose of the goblins easily.
 I should probably help them, but it's not a mission I was told to do, and in addition to the bruises, scrapes, and cuts from the battle I just had, my energy gauge is empty. I was barely able to sit up, and my priority was to drink water from the canteen I had brought with me and rest my body. If anyone looks like they're in trouble, I'll come to their aid.

 I've asked Liddy to stay with me just in case, but it's only a matter of time before this place is overrun. Since the source of the demons and the source of their reinforcement is gone, they are no different from an army that has lost all of its supplies. It's obvious what will happen to such an army.
 As I looked at the situation, I wasn't sure whether to ask or not, but I asked Liddy.
The sword you fixed, someone risked their life to use it to defeat the demons here, right?
"Yes. There was an outbreak that was even stronger than the one we just defeated, and we had no choice but to use it to defeat it.
If it's stronger than that one, then yes, it is. ......
 If it's stronger than a hobgoblin, it's probably a goblin lord or an ogre or something like that. I'm sure the information didn't get to Camilo because he took care of it before anyone else got hurt.
Normally, once you've defeated one, it's quite a while before the next one, but this time it was much faster than I expected. ......
 Mr. Liddy continued to speak.
 So that's why you asked for a strike force. It's easy to imagine that it was a fierce battle, considering that they managed to hold off the attackers and waited for them to arrive.
Does this mean we'll be okay for a while?
"Yes. Almost certainly. The magic of this forest is not so strong that it can occur three times in a row. In the first place, it's abnormal to have two occurrences in a row.
 I see. I guess that's a relief. I noticed that the sounds of battle had almost disappeared from the surroundings. The captains had destroyed the goblins.
Shall we meet up with the other side then?
 I didn't notice that Liddy's usual calm voice had taken on a slightly melancholy tone, and the two of us headed towards the captains.

You're really something, aren't you? It's no wonder you're in charge of guarding the elf lady!
 The captain said as he patted me on the shoulder. It hurts even if you're not hurt. My figure is in shambles, but I'm in high spirits from the excitement of victory.
"I'm just a blacksmith, though.
"I'm just a blacksmith." "How can an ordinary blacksmith handle a spear so well?
 That's true. I chuckle.
"Well, there's a lot going on. Don't tell too many people.
I know! Let's get back to it!
 The captain leads the way out of the deepest part of the building. Mr. Liddy is right behind me. If there's one left anywhere and it attacks us, we'll be blinded.
 As I walked out of the innermost part, the last goblin was being defeated in the hall. There was also Leroy, who I hadn't seen earlier. I wonder if he was on a side street.
 Leroy glanced at me and nodded softly. I nodded briefly and we exchanged small congratulations. A few of the soldiers who were available cheered when they saw us come out safely, and it spread throughout the hall.

 We stormed out of the hall amidst the cheers, back the way we came, and out of the cave. Marius was waiting for us with a big smile on his face, as if he had sent one of us to report.
 Miss Frederica was also there, looking relieved when she saw me come out, and then she looked at Liddy with a pout.
 The captains lined up in front of Marius and knelt down. Mr. Liddy and I followed suit and knelt behind the captains.
With the help of Lord Eizo and Lord Liddy, we have successfully defeated the master demon. Master Leroy is sweeping up the rest now. But it's only a matter of time.
 The captain gave a formal report. Miss Frederica seemed to be writing it down.
"Hmm. You did well.
 Marius nodded humbly and asked everyone to stand.
Marius nodded humbly and asked everyone to stand.
"Yes, sir. Yes, sir.
 The captains saluted and headed towards the square in front of the cave. The captains saluted and headed toward the plaza in front of the cave. As Liddy and I were heading there, Marius stopped us.
Oh, this way, gentlemen.
 He led us to a tent that was probably a front line command center, much smaller than the one in the garrison, but still quite magnificent. Liddy and I looked at each other and followed Marius.

The reason I asked you to follow me was to talk about the prize.
 Once we were in the tent and no one else was looking, Marius spoke up. Marius' bodyguards, or servants, were present, but not even Miss Frederica was here.
"I've given Eizo more work than just blacksmithing."
 Marius continued. If you call me "Eizo" instead of "Eizo-dono", does that mean I can do the same?
I was prepared to do some spear work when you called me in the first place. I was prepared to work as a spearman to some extent when I was called in.

 Then I'll speak in my usual tone. Mr. Liddy looks surprised. I don't know if it's the tone or what I said. Either.
 The captain didn't say I killed it, he said it was done with my help and yours. For the record, it wouldn't be wrong to say that you and I cooperated and that someone else killed it.

Thank you for being so perceptive.
 Marius said with a slightly annoyed and sad look on his face. I wish I could say that I beat him, but I guess I'm sorry that I can't.
Don't worry about it. That's good enough for me.
 I said sincerely.
"Thanks. Well, that's why I can't talk about the prize in front of the lady.
That's what I thought.
 If you talk about it in front of Miss Frederica, it might go on record. She is a government official, not a vassal of House Amur. She doesn't care whether the Amur family is at a disadvantage or not.

So, why did you let Liddy come along with you?
 If it was simply about the way she treated me, she could have just talked to me and not bothered to show me the other side of the story.
You don't have to show me the other side of the story. "That part is related to the other request she made me make. And I'll have her take care of your injuries.
 Marius said with a wink. It looks good when a handsome man does it, unlike old men like Camilo and me. As I was being treated by Marius's bodyguard, I was thinking about such useless things.