124 the end of a war

 After a joyous ovation, the soldiers returned to the garrison. Liddy went back to the village with the elves and came back to the garrison tomorrow.

 When we returned to the garrison, Sandro's men were waiting for us with a meal. Come to think of it, it was long past noon.
Good work, everybody! Come on, eat up!
 When the master shouted loudly over the noise of the soldiers, the tension was released and the soldiers, suddenly conscious of their hunger, ran to the mess hall.
The amount of food will not change even if you are in such a hurry!
 The old man said, and the remaining soldiers burst into laughter.

 I had some things to do first, so I headed for the sub-office. There, the captain of the unit that escorted me called out, "Hey, you! "Hey you!
Thanks for your help today. And ......, I'm sorry about that.
 The captain's brow furrowed. The captain knows that I'm the one who killed the hobgoblin, so he's probably worried that I won't get the credit.
I don't mind, because I'm not happy about a blacksmith getting such an honor. It's not worth the money.
 I laughed and held out my right hand. The captain grasped my hand with an embarrassed look on his face. He grasped my hand with a craggy hand that showed his experience.
 It's better for someone like him to receive the honor of battle than for me to have to pay for it with cheats. I thought again.

 When I returned to the office, I put the statue of the goddess on the shelf and thanked her for my success.
 The spear was also unexpectedly helpful, and I regretted to leave it behind, but I thanked her in my heart and took off the handle, leaving only the tip. When I get home, I'll put the hilt and spearhead on it again.

 I'm going to the command post. It would have been more efficient to come here first, but I wanted to put the statue back on the shelf first. When I entered the command center, it was quite noisy with joy, excitement, and preparations for tomorrow's evacuation.
 I looked around and found Miss Frederica hunched over her desk. She's scribbling away. She should be busy for the next week or so. The best place to rest might be in the carriage on the way back.
 I'm sorry, but this is my job, so I'll talk to her.
"Ms. Frederica, may I have a word?
"Oh, Mr. Eizo. Yes, sir. One moment, please.
 Miss Frederica finished writing in her notebook and turned to me. If you talk about something else in the middle of the day, you'll wonder what you were doing when you get back to your work.
"What is it?
I want to check if there are any repairs to be done today, and I need some help clearing out the materials in the forge.
"Oh, I see.
 I'm sure you'll be happy to know that I'm not the only one.
"Well, there's no repairs today. I've got some broken armor, but I'm going to use my spare parts on the way home and send them back for repair when I get back. I'm sorry to tell you this, Mr. Eizo.
 If you fix it here, you'll have to pay me. From my point of view, it means you'll lose the money you made.
"No, don't worry about it. I'm exhausted today, so I'm rather grateful.
 This is not an expression of humility or reserve, but an honest feeling. I am able to act normally, but I don't have the energy to say, "Let's go to battle and repair! I can act normally, but I don't have the energy to fight and say, "Now let's repair it!
Thank you, sir. I'll send the men to remove it later, so please leave it to them.
"Okay, thank you. Thank you very much. Frederica-san, do your best not to be too persistent.
Yes, sir.
 Miss Frederica smiled and said with a smile that made me feel relieved. With that cheerful smile on her face, I left the command center. If there are no repairs, then all that's left is to clean up.

 I returned to my post, and while I was busy clearing away the charcoal and bricks from the fire pit, dumping water from the water barrels, and moving the flask, four soldiers arrived, and I asked them to take what they could with them.
I'm sorry to make you come back and do all the hard work.
"No, no, no. It's part of the job.
 The soldiers, who still looked young, were working in pairs to take things out of the office. In the meantime, I put away the statues on the shelves, folded up the cloth, and the office disappeared.
 It was only for a short time, but I felt a little sad that my workshop was gone. The traces of tools left here and there added to the sadness, just like when you see an abandoned factory.
"Thanks for your help. Thank you.
 I placed my hand gently on the marks, thanked him, and left the office.