125 return to the capital

 On my way back to my tent, I saw a carriage and several cavalrymen leaving. Perhaps they were returning ahead of us, as a harbinger of things to come.

 That night, there were many revelers here and there. Some danced by the bonfire, others sang. They didn't seem to have brought any alcohol, so they were all sober despite the excitement, but the joy of victory must have been enough to intoxicate them.

 I'm eating dinner with my dad, Mathis, and the rest of the supply team while watching all this. It was a late lunch, but it was supposed to be dinner if they didn't get eradicated today. Since all that was left was to return home, both lunch and dinner were served.
 That's a lot of work for you guys, but you said
It doesn't make any difference whether you make it once or twice.
 He was laughing. I'm sure that's not true.

 It's late, so Miss Frederica, who has finished her paperwork for today, is eating with me. I don't know why, but she's sitting next to me, just like a puppy who has grown attached to me. If Deanna sees her, she's going to hit me on the shoulder and say she's taking me home.
 The conversation naturally focused on today's victory, and I was asked a lot of questions, mainly by the man and the young guys. Of course, I didn't tell them who defeated the hobgoblin in the end.

"Well, then, Eizo won't make much money.
 The father says.
"Not really.
Not really. - Really? Well, I hope he's happy with it.
Thank you, old man.
 He's unusually embarrassed. The two young men were yelling at him, and we were laughing at them.

 The next morning, when I finished getting ready and headed for the carriage, Liddy was waiting for me.
"Good morning, Miss Liddy.
Good morning.
 When I greeted her, she replied in a soft voice. I looked at her to see if I could help her with her luggage, but she was carrying nothing but her backpack.
"Oh, you don't have much luggage, do you?
"Yes. We don't carry that much stuff to begin with.
 Is that so? Is it possible that a long life span reduces attachment to things? I'm feeling a bit short on time.
"Oh, by the way...
 Liddy's voice sounded a little panicked.
I'm sure you'll be able to find something to do.
 I'm sure you'll be pleased to know that I'm not the only one. ...... Oh.
You're talking about crop seeds.
Yeah. They're supposed to be delivered to Mr. Camilo's place.
I shouldn't have bothered, given the circumstances.
No, I can't do that.
 When he first came to our house, he was already half certain that he was going to abandon his village, so he took that request into consideration.
 In the beginning, it may have been that Liddy was not going to come to our house, but that she was going to go to Camilo's place even if she was far away. Considering this, the condition may have been a mistake.
 In the future, when I make similar conditions, I'll ask how far the residential area is from the city. .......

 After me and Liddy, Mathis came, then Miss Frederica, and finally the ladies who had cleaned up the kitchen came in a flurry and got into the carriage.
 As soon as she got into the carriage, Miss Frederica put the cushion I had given her under her buttocks. You still have that, don't you?
"Well, elves are a special article.
 The lady said straightforwardly. In the previous world, this would have been considered s*xual harassment, so I cringed inwardly.
I see, with such a beautiful woman as my wife, I'll make a lot of money even if I don't get much!
 The guy says with a laugh. At that moment, I saw Miss Frederica turn her head like a broken tin doll and start staring at me. I'm a little scared, please don't do this.
"No, not my wife or anything. I'm not a wife or anything, I'm just an old man who's a recluse for a reason.
 I frown and deny it. Even though I've been told that it won't have a big impact on me, I'm still an irregularity in this world. The idea of me having a family is still a bit unthinkable.
 It's hard for me to say this because no one will understand my reasons.
 As I said this, Miss Frederica looked away, and at the same time, Miss Liddy began to stare at me. What the hell is going on today? .......

 There was no other topic of conversation that made me cringe.
If you think about the two points, "It seems that the elf village was damaged" and "As a result, Liddy-san moved, and it's not like she's getting married or anything", you can somewhat imagine what happened. Not many people would run into such a minefield.

 Thus, during the three days of the return trip, although the lady occasionally showed her lack of delicacy, the atmosphere was not particularly awkward and the carriage went safely to the capital.