126 triumph

 It's been three days since we left the cave garrison. Today was the day we would finally return to the capital. In the morning, everyone went about their business as usual, but during the rest stops at the watering holes, many of the soldiers washed their heads and wiped their faces and bodies with wet cloths, cleaning themselves as best they could.

 When the rest was over and the column started moving forward again, the mountain range rising beyond the capital came into view. When it came into view, the distance to the capital was no longer so great. Seeing this, the horses seemed to be feeling a sense of urgency, and their speed increased slightly.
 It's not the kind of speed that makes you run through the wind, so you won't get drunk, but at this rate, we'll reach the capital long before the sun sets.
 It doesn't benefit Liddy and me much, since we won't be able to get home by the end of the day if we keep doing this and that, but it will be nice for the soldiers and the ladies.

 And the outer wall of the city comes into view. It's time. There is a strange silence in the ranks, with only the sound of horses' hooves and carriage wheels turning. The tension and silence were broken when they approached the gate of the wall.
The attackers have returned!
 shouted a soldier standing guard at the gate. The various people who had lined up to enter the city all turned to look at us at once, and soon the area was filled with applause and shouts of joy.
 Our line moves slowly this time through the crowd, and we are given priority through the gate. No one complained about it, as far as I could see. Everyone was actively opening the way for them to pass.

 The applause spread through the city faster than the procession, and we heard it all the way through the streets.
 I guess it was thanks to the troops who came back first that we were welcomed so soon after our return. It was only because they had announced that we had come back victorious.
 The cheering continued even after we passed through the gates of the inner wall of the capital, and did not stop until we reached the square where we were first stationed.

 When they reached the square, the soldiers lined up. The men who had returned earlier were with them. We, the supply team, lined up behind them. Judging from their clothes, it seemed that servants on errands and men and women of noble birth had come to see the sights, and it was quite noisy.
 As I scampered about in curiosity, I made eye contact with a few people. At first I thought they were looking at me, but I soon realized that they were looking at Liddy, who was standing next to me - in other words, they were looking at the elves because they were curious. Except for one.
 I wonder if His Excellency the Marquis has more time on his hands than I thought. He grinned and nodded when I made eye contact with him, which was too much to fake. He's not a bad guy, is he?
 As I continued to scurry around, the girl next to me, Frederica, tugged at the hem of my dress, and I stopped scurrying.
 A step stool (the same one used to get in and out of the carriage) was set up, and Marius climbed up on it. The crowded place became quiet as if it had been hit by water.

"Gentlemen, thank you for your hard work on this expedition. It is a shame that the Elven villages were so badly damaged before we arrived. I would like to offer a moment of silence for the victims.
 We all closed our eyes and said a silent prayer for the victims of the village, which included Liddy's acquaintances and possibly family members. It's quiet, and the onlookers seem to be saying a silent prayer as well.
But thanks to your efforts, we were able to defeat our enemies. I believe that this is something to be proud of. I hope that I can count on your help in the future when the House of Amur goes into battle. Finally, I would like to repeat my thanks for your hard work in this expedition!
 The soldiers drew their swords and gave a sword salute. Even from behind, it's rather spectacular. We are civilians, so we only bowed lightly. There was no need to be rude.
 The crowd erupts again. Now the upper class knew that Marius, or the Amur family, had succeeded in going to war. It would be advantageous in the future to publicize their success in such a ceremony.

See you later! Make sure you come by the store!
Yeah, I'll come by with my family.
 I waved goodbye to him, Martin, and Boris. It's a little sad to say goodbye to someone you've known for a little over a week, isn't it?
Thank you for your help, Mr. Eizo. Thank you for your quick work. And the cushions.
 When I saw that Miss Frederica's luggage was bulging, it seemed that she had taken that simple cushion. If you like it so much, I should have made it better.
I know you're going through a tough time right now, Frederica, but you need to eat and sleep well. That's what a beautiful lady should do.
"Yes, sir. I understand.
 Miss Frederica said with a lovely smile and a laugh. I stroked her head, but she didn't seem to mind, so I stroked her for a while, then shook her hand and we parted.

 Delmotte, Mathis and the others had to clean up the place. I didn't want to get in their way, so I just said a quick hello. Aside from Delmotte, Mathis is a member of the Amur family, and I'm sure I'll see him around.

 The other soldiers had begun to clean up, and there were no more spectators. His Excellency the Marquis had also disappeared before I knew it. While I was feeling the aftermath of such a flurry of goodbyes, Marius's bodyguard, or in other words, the servants of the Amour family, came to call me.
"Mr. Eizo, your master wishes you to be escorted home.
"Yes, sir. Thank you, sir.
 Well, I have one more job to do. With this in mind, I followed the servant with Liddy.