127 reward for success

 I followed the servant woman down the inner city street. There is a certain amount of noise, but it's much quieter than outside the inner walls. I am grateful that the elf Liddy is here now, so I don't have to draw too much attention to myself.
 I usually don't have time to look around since I'm riding in a carriage, but it's quite fun to look at it from a low angle like this.
 Basically, the houses are made of stone, and the streets are quite intricate and have high walls. I wonder if this is the same story as that of Japanese castle towns, where it is easy to get lost.

 I was curious and asked the servant.
When I asked the servant about it, he replied, "Well, there is a purpose to it, but the truth is much simpler.
 The truth is much simpler.
"What do you mean?
"Well, there's an outer wall now, but this area used to be the edge of town. So people built buildings at random, and the streets became complicated like this.
"I see. I see. So it was convenient for protection, so when they cleaned up the buildings, they kept the divisions as they were?
Yes. I heard that everyone had reached a certain level of status by then, and it was too difficult to take away their land now.
 This is quite a realistic story. In other words, this place has never been burned to the ground by a major war. If this is the case, there is nothing to take up. There wouldn't be a proper cadastral map, and there would be no need to start land readjustment here and there.

 Anyway, as we walked along the winding road, a servant opened a metal door on the side of the road, saying, "This way, please. It seemed to be a kitchen door. Liddy and I went through the door.
 It was, indeed, a kitchen door. When we entered, we found ourselves in a small room. There was a table, but its top was unusually thick, and the window looked more like an arrowhead than a window.
 The edge of the window is slanted down from the inner side of the room, as if it were a decoration, to make it easier to shoot an arrow from the outside into the room.
 The only exit from the room is a heavy metal door on one side. What if it's...
"How does ...... repel intruders from the back door?
You see what I'm talking about. Yes, I do. It wouldn't do to have the back door easily breached.
 The servant said with a laugh. The servant laughed and said, "It's not like all the nobles in this city are like that, but it's probably because the Amour family has made a career out of military service.
 I'm not sure if I should be disgusted or impressed by the fact that the servants are so well trained.

 Mr. Liddy and I were led straight to the parlor we had entered when we came here before. Please wait here for a moment," said a servant as he left.
 As usual, the interior of the parlor looked like a picture of solidity, but it was better for a non-noble person like me because I felt more comfortable here.

 Liddy and I talk about the future, but since we've been living together for a while, I already know who lives there and what kind of life they lead.
 So we decided to talk about that for a while, and asked her what she wanted to do. Apparently, he wants to grow plants.
He said, "I have a field that's just starting to grow, so you can use it. I'll help you spread it out.
 When I said that.
I'll help you spread it out.
 I nodded. I nodded.
"I'd rather have someone to take care of it. Rike and I are blacksmiths, and Samija and Diana are hunters and gatherers, and since we don't have the proper knowledge, we've been neglecting our plow.
 That's why I chose peppermint, which requires very little care. It was a good thing I didn't follow your advice and plant it in the ground, if Liddy is coming.
"I see. I'll leave it to you then.
"Okay. Yes, please.

 Thus, our family's means of securing food has become two-pronged, hunting and gathering and farming.
 However, it's not like we can plant tomatoes in the morning and grow them at night, so hunting and gathering will still be our main means of securing food for a while, and if we don't continue to buy from Camilo, it will be difficult to secure enough food for five adults even if the farm starts to do well.

 As we were talking about this, Marius came into the room with two of his servants. He was dressed quite roughly, having shed the luxurious clothes and splendid armor he had worn earlier.
Did I keep you waiting? Or am I interrupting something?
 He smirked and said something like that at the beginning of the conversation, to which I replied bluntly, "Neither.

You're both tired, and to be honest, I'm pretty tired too, so let's just get this over with.
Please do.
I'll thank you both first. Thank you.
 Marius bows his head. If we did this outside, it would be a big deal. A count bowing to a simple blacksmith. He can do it in the house.
So, as for Eizo, since you asked him to do a job for you, you have to show it in a proper way.
 I'm in this because I'm being paid. Well, if I had been asked to do something by another nobleman, I would have turned it down. I don't know if I would have refused if another nobleman had asked me. .......

The first thing you need to know is that this is what you'll be paid for your request.
 One of the servants held out a leather bag, papers and writing utensils. Checking inside, he found a lot of silver coins. It was a little less than a gold coin, I guess. The number of soldiers was probably a little less, so it was safe to assume that the repair bill was included.

 He tucked the leather bag into his own backpack and signed the document. It was a document indicating that she had received her reward, and Miss Frederica's name was on it, as if she were the person in charge.
 So this will be another page in her war that starts tomorrow. I thought back to her struggling with the document like a squirrel with its food, and cheered her on in my mind.
 As I handed the papers back, Marius gave them a quick once-over and handed them to the servants.

 I thought my work was done ......, but Marius continued to talk.
And this is for your direct participation in the defeat, plus an additional percentage for repairs.
 The other servant holds out a small leather bag. When I held it to examine it, I found that it was rather heavy for its size.
 It was filled with gold coins.