131 Long time no see

 Since the initial greeting to welcome Liddy was done, we decided to take the day off from work and have a welcome party.
 Before that, we decided to clean off the dirt from each of us since we were all dirty in our own way. I felt nostalgic about boiling water in this magical furnace.
 After distributing the boiled water to each of us, we went to our respective rooms to wipe ourselves down and remove the dirt. For the time being, Liddy's guest room is her room.
 As I thought, I was the first one to finish wiping myself off, being the only male in the house. For now, I'd better start preparing dinner.

 It's been ten days since I've been here, but it's only been that long, so my body has learned to move well enough. But it's one thing to feel your body move half on its own, and another thing to feel nostalgic.
 As for the women, Rike and Liddy were the first to come to the living room. Kurosmithing is very dirty and sweaty, you know.
It's better for you to take a rest.
 Rikay said.
"It's been a long time since I've done this, so let me try.
 I said no. It's been a long time since I've done this.
How about studying magic with Liddy? She can teach you all she wants from now on.
 Liddy nodded in agreement. I thought you liked to teach people, but it seems I was right.
 Rikay couldn't resist the temptation either, so he and Riddy started a method of watching the flow of magic, side by side at the living room table.
 Seeing this, I went back to preparing dinner. I hope this scene will become a new normal.

 When I finished preparing the soup and started to make the unfermented bread, I glanced towards the living room and saw that Samija and Diana had also returned to the living room to join Rike and Liddy's study session.
 From what I could see, Rike was the most receptive, followed by Diana and Samija. I think this may be due to the difference in magical power of their races.

 In the meantime, dinner was finished, and we all laid it out on the table.
 It's not as luxurious as the meal we had last night at Amur's house (although it's quite simple because of the family's style). It was the same menu and taste as the one at Eizo Kobo, where Liddy had eaten before. Since it was a welcome party, we also served brandy made from pickled fruits.
 The welcome party ended up doubling as a debriefing of my expedition. It was because the three of them wanted to hear it. There was no need to tell them about the battle in the cave, so I told them honestly that I had defeated them.
 I also told them the story of how Liddy came to be with us, as part of the expedition report.
We'll be here, too. You can tell us anything.
 When Deanna heard this, she said to Liddy with a tearful face. Aside from Liddy, Samija is a bit more subtle, but she's here of her own volition. Riddhi is the only one who had no choice but to come here.
Eizo is the only male here, so let's just take it easy.
I think Samija needs to learn to be a little more graceful.
 Cámara and Rique are also encouraging Lidi. Rikay teased the pouting Camija, and Dianna soothed her, and Riddhi laughed as well.
 Life will probably go well from now on. I had no proof, but I was sure of it.

 The next day, I was able to sleep in my own bed for the first time in a long time, and went out to fetch water, feeling refreshed. The morning air of the forest felt good. When I returned from fetching water from the lake, I found Liddy with her hand on a tree, taking in magic power.
"Good morning. Liddy.
Good morning.
 At the welcome party yesterday, I told Liddy that she didn't need to use honorifics, but she said that this was her natural tone, so I kept it.
"I know it's yesterday, but if you have any concerns about your life, please let me know right away.
"Everyone's been very nice, and I'm not worried, considering I've been here before.
"I see. That's good.
 So we go back to working with each other. This is the kind of distance I'll have to deal with Liddy more often.

 After finishing breakfast and dinner, I'll resume my blacksmithing work today.
But first...
 I took out the statue of the goddess I had made during the expedition from my luggage and enshrined it on the altar. It is another roommate (roommate god?) who has joined us this time. It is a goddess. When enshrined in such a place, the atmosphere looks quite different.
When did you make this?
 Samija says to me in an exasperated tone.
"On the way to the expedition. I had time.
"You can make something like this too, master?
"It's very interesting.
There's a certain magic to it.
 The women commented on it, but it was not unpopular, so we all bowed in worship.
 Now, let's do our best again today.