132 one's usual job

 After the morning prayers, Samija and Diana went out to hunt.
 Since Rike had made enough stock of general models in the past ten days, and since I had made a lot of money in this expedition, he decided to stop making models for delivery and practice putting magic into them with Ridhi.

 I'll make a high-end model, of course. After working on it for four days from today, I'm going to deliver it to Camilo. Camilo's business is good enough if he can secure enough quantity of general models.
 I started to prepare for the work, but unlike the sub-branch office, I was able to proceed with the preparations quickly. I guess there is a difference between a proper workshop and a place without one. There is also a big difference in the tools that are available.
 After finishing the preparations quickly, I started to make the knife by heating the sheet metal. Repairing and making are somewhat different, but the hammering itself is the same.
 Even so, it's a familiar job in a familiar environment, and the efficiency of the work is much different from that of the office. It's hard not to accidentally make a special order.

 While Rikke and I were struggling with the steel, Riddy once exchanged a few words with Rikke, then wandered off and came back as if nothing had happened. When I asked her what she was doing, she told me that she had gone to check on Mint.
Mint is very vigorous, isn't it?
"So much?
 I asked, and Liddy nodded.
"It's growing fast, even though there's hardly any maintenance.
 Liddy looks a little happy. This is very much in keeping with the image of the elves. I think we'd better do something about the field as soon as possible.
 We should also build a warehouse. If I take another two weeks off from delivery, I should be able to build more. Now that my family has grown, I'd like to stockpile as much as possible. I'd like to keep the dried meat there. .......

 Perhaps it would be better to say every two weeks for a while. Let's go ahead and build what we want to build. It is said that there are some suspicious bandits wandering around, and it is better to reduce the chances of encountering them.
 If there was any inconvenience, it would be when it would interfere with Camilo's business. However, I have already distributed a large amount of my work to Camilo.
 It seems that he has enough sales channels to sell them, but there are not that many that he will need in two weeks. If it becomes a problem, I'll think about it then.

 After making a few high-end knives, I focused my attention and started working on a custom-made knife. I don't have a specific order. It's for Liddy.
 It's just a feeling, but I tap the sheet metal as if I'm taking in magic power and giving it shape.
 Both the heating and forging processes require cheats to find the right line, but since this is a custom model knife that I have made many times before, the process goes smoothly. As usual, I added an engraving in the shape of a cat.
 In the end, it took only a little longer to make than the high-end model. If I could mass-produce 50 of these in a week or so, it would be quite a threat.

 Now that the custom-made knife is ready, I call Liddy, who has been practicing with Rike to put magic into it.
What is it?
"This is the knife I give you as proof of family. So I'll give it to Riddy too.
 You hand the knife to Riddy. Riddhi takes it and looks at the knife. Well, it's only recently that it became a family token, or rather, it became so when I gave it to her for self-defense.
It cuts really well, so be careful with it.
 I swung my knife vertically into the wood. Noiselessly, the knife split the wood into sticks. Liddy's eyes widened for a moment in surprise, but she quickly regained her composure and said in a calm voice, "I understand.
I understand. Thank you very much.
 Then, after giving it to her, she placed it in her hand.

 After finishing the day's work, I was cleaning up when I heard the clanging of a bell in the workshop. I guessed that Samija and Diana had returned.
 The door connecting the house and the workshop opens, and Samija and Diana come in. I greet them by saying, "I'm home and welcome back.
"How was your day?
 I asked, but since they were out until this hour, they must have caught something.
"Deer today. A big one.
"You did it!
 "You did it!" Samija proudly proclaimed, so it must have been quite a big one. Deanna also talks about its size from a different direction.
"It took a lot of effort, though.
"Thank you very much. We're going to clean this place up and get out of here, so everyone clean yourselves up.
"Yes, sir.
"Yes, sir.
 As I announced the end of today's work, the voices of the four men echoed. It's interesting that the hunting group and the production group speak differently.
 And so a new "business as usual" began again.