133 a growing family

 The next morning, after morning preparations and prayers, we headed to the lake to pull out our catch. There were five of us, just like the last time Liddy was there. Perhaps because we had done it once before, we were able to pull the deer out smoothly.
 Even though the three of us are strong women, it wouldn't have gone as smoothly with just the three of us. It's hard to imagine the effort.

 Once we got it home, the rest of the day went as usual, but this time I didn't help Riddy get used to the knife, and instead had Samija, Rike, and Riddy dismantle it. Deanna and I will take the processed meat to the house and clean up the unnecessary bones and stuff.
"This knife really cuts well, doesn't it?
 Liddy says in a whisper, but clearly audible voice.
I know! You know, my master's custom-made knives are amazing!
 It's not me who's boasting, it's Rike. This is becoming a regular scene.
 I don't feel bad about being praised for something I made properly, but I still feel embarrassed. It would be nice if I could say with all my heart that I made what I made.

 I made a grilled meat-like dish for lunch with the meat and fruit-soaked brandy, since my prey turned out to be meat. It was as popular as ever with our carnivorous girls (physics). Liddy didn't particularly dislike it either, and ate it with relish, so it seems that she likes the taste.
 I think I'll serve this one on special occasions from now on.

 After lunch, it was time to spend time doing whatever I wanted to do. I'm working at the forge to make deliveries, and Rike is working with Liddy to study, so what we're doing is not much different from yesterday, just shorter.
 Samija and Diana are going to practice sword fighting. Samija teaches Diana how to use a bow, and Diana teaches Samija how to use a sword, in order to improve their skills in case of emergency. ......
 Considering what Camilo had told me just before I left for home, it seemed like a good idea to have her do that, and I hope she'll do her best to increase my chances of returning home safely when I go back and forth on the road.
 I finished the day by making a good number of knives. Rike seems to be able to put more magic into it than before.
 I wonder if I'll be able to retire from making high-end models soon. I said jokingly.
"No, I haven't been able to make the most of the materials yet.
 Rike said to me with a serious face. Well then, I guess I'll have to work hard to keep up, but mine's a cheat .......

 For the next two days, I had Samija and Deanna do the pouring, and I did the rest of the work on the high-end shortsword and longsword.
 I feel that Samija and Deanna's skills have improved again over the past few days. They seem to be picking up the tricks they learned during mass production.
 It would be great if you could help me with this from time to time. If you can do the pouring and deburring process when you have free time, it will be easier for me or Rike to finish it later.
 That way, you can have one day a week when you are completely free, and make it a holiday. It's a dream come true.
 In the meantime, Rikke and Liddy are going to take a break from studying magic for a little while, and work on the garden in the courtyard, so I've asked them to do that. I'm always sorry.

 And so the day came to go to Camilo's store to buy wholesale. In the past ten days, the inventory that Rike had made had grown quite large. Rike had come a long way in terms of the speed at which he was making general models.
 We loaded them up and pulled the cart away. As usual, it's me and Rike's job. I told the other three about the mysterious bandits, and asked them to be more vigilant than usual. It's not impossible that the bandits have entered the forest.

I wonder what they do with the ones that attack people but don't do any serious damage after they are caught.
 I wondered as we pulled the cart. From what I've heard, the bandits haven't caused any trouble.
If they had attacked him, they would have at least injured him a little, and he would have been punished for that. But if the damage was the same as a drunken brawl in the street, he'd probably end up in jail for a day or two.
 Deanna answered my question. I see, you can be charged with assault. But I guess that happens all the time, and the punishment seems to be light.
So they're looking for him, but they're not going to punish him much?
I can't say for sure because I don't know what the bandits are up to at the moment, but I'm sure they are.
"I see.
 However, if it reduces the number of people coming and going on the roads, it will affect the distribution. I'm sure Marius will have a hard time coming back from the expedition, but I hope he'll do his best.

 Whether it was because of the extra eyes, the work of the city guards, or the capture of the bandits, we arrived at the city without any problems.
 The guard standing guard at the entrance was a man I had seen several times before. He looked a bit surprised when he saw Liddy the elf, but didn't say anything more.
 He was probably busy dealing with the bandits. I tried to ask for reinforcements, but he had already left on an expedition. The reinforcements might arrive in a little while, so we'll just have to be patient until then. We bade them adieu and walked on.

 We walked through the city towards Camilo's store, but Liddy was still the center of attention on the way. I wonder if the townspeople would get used to seeing her if she came around regularly, even once every two weeks. I hope so.
 No one was messing with us, so we made it to Camilo's store without incident. As usual, I put the cart in the warehouse, talked to the clerk, and headed for the business meeting room.

 A little while later, Camilo (and the shop keeper) arrived.
"Oh, it's been a long time since .......
It's been a while since we've seen each other here. It's been a while since we've seen each other here.
Is everything as it should be?
Yeah. There's a little bit of variation. "More of the usual."
I see. That's not a problem.

 Camilo glanced at the bannerman, who nodded and left the room. He had gone to make a delivery.

The bandits haven't been caught yet?
 I asked Camilo in the middle of our usual small talk. It would have made my trip home a little easier if they had been caught, but judging from the look of the guards, I guess not yet.
"Yeah. I've been back and forth to the capital twice since then, but I didn't run into him, so I asked the Count if he'd seen him, and he said not yet.
"Well, .......
 So, as expected, there is still a risk on the way back. You have to be careful on your way back.
 Camilo says as he stands up.
"Follow me for a minute.
Hmm? Yeah.
 We stand up and follow him.

"You said you wanted a horse.
 Camilo says as we walk. We're not headed for the warehouse, but I wonder where.
"Yeah. I figured we're getting to the end of our rope. Are you ready?
Yeah, I think so.
 I followed Camilo to a garden-like area at the back of the store. It was hidden from both the front and the warehouse, and was probably a place where they usually kept incoming goods temporarily.

 There is a reason why I say "usually". There was something a little out of the ordinary there.
"It's not a horse, but I've prepared this one. It's a running dragon.
 Camilo said proudly. There was a stocky, lizard-like creature - what Camilo called a running dragon.
"Krull. ......
 Camilo says proudly.