134 a running dragon

 I couldn't help but ask Camilo. The installation gave me a general idea of the world's geography and common sense, but it didn't cover the details of biology.
"Oh. It's called a running dragon, but it's not really a dragon, it's more like a lizard.
 "Yeah. Komodo lizards were also called Komodo dragons. I guess it's similar in this world.

 At first I thought it was a slimy lizard, but the closest thing to it might be a horse-sized Emirati dragon. The closest I can think of is a horse-sized Emirati dragon, which looks like a rounder and cuter version of the thunder dragon in the illustrated books. Or, it could be the Western dragon of the previous world, but with its wings removed and made prettier.
 The scales are a beautiful emerald green, like the green python or emerald tree boa of the previous world, which adds to its cuteness. The eyes are so-called reptilian eyes, but they are dull and clingy.
 In short, if you think reptiles are cute, you must have a very cute appearance.
 Even among our female members, at least Deanna doesn't seem to have any trouble with reptiles. My shoulder has been taking a series of attacks since a while ago. I know she's cute, so calm down.

What does she eat?
 She looks like a herbivore. I remember hearing that carnivores eat meat, so the muscles in their jaws and necks increase and their necks don't get very long.
 However, it doesn't necessarily mean that the creatures in this world evolved like those in the previous world.
 There is such a thing as magic, and if they evolved in the same way, there would be no elves, beastmen, or dwarves, but there are dragons themselves.
They eat everything. I've heard that, and I've been doing meat and fodder since I got here, and I've eaten both.
I see.
 It's an omnivore. There is grass in the forest around my house, and I can get meat, so I don't have to worry about what to feed them.
 Or it could be that they are basically carnivores like cats, but they also eat plants. I've seen a video of a cat in a previous world eating bean sprouts and basil like it was delicious.
 I guess we'll have to actually feed them and see how much they eat.

 Yes, the amount. Depending on how much she eats, you may need to increase the number of Camias or Diana's hunts, or you may need to buy herbs from Camilo's place.
How much do you eat in one sitting?
Hmm, I heard you didn't eat that much, but since I've been here a while you've been eating a lot.
"Hmm. ......
 I wonder if he's binge eating due to stress from the change in environment or something. I'm not sure if it's because I've been here for a while.
 As I was pondering like this.
"Mr. Eizo, your ears, please.
 While I was pondering this, Liddy called out to me, tugging at the hem of my dress.
"Hmm? What is it?
 I put my ear to Liddy's. Liddy asks me in a voice that Camilo can't hear.
The dragon has dragon's blood in it. He's a true descendant of dragons.
 Hmm. So that's why he's an omnivore.
"And dragons also eat magic. And dragons also eat magic power. What they lack, they make up for with food, so that's probably why.
 After I said that, Liddy left me.

 I see. There's not much magic in the city or town. The reason why Liddy and the other elves don't settle in cities and towns is because they need to take in magic on a regular basis, but they can't do that because their magic is too thin.
 You can find a lot of people who are interested in this kind of thing, but you can't find any who are not.

 In other words, the problem of magic power is solved in my house. Since the horse is so dense that the surrounding beasts do not come near it, there is a possibility that it does not need food.
 The place where it was originally kept or captured must have been a place with a high level of magical power, and now that it has come to a place with a low level of magical power, it must have run out of magical power and started to eat.
 Then there's nothing wrong with keeping it at home.

Finally, you don't keep them at your place?
Yeah. We can't afford to have only one runner on our scale, and a runner is a bit conspicuous when you have to go back and forth for long distances.
 In the event that you've got a lot of money, you'll be able to use it for a lot of things.
 It may be unnatural for a blacksmith to keep such a thing, but if it only goes back and forth between town and home once or twice a week at most, the time it is seen is small.
 Even if someone is interested in looking into it, a blacksmith who has a relationship with a merchant and a count who have been rapidly gaining prominence recently is too suspicious to even think of messing with.

Okay, I'll keep him at home then.
You're welcome. It's a bit pricey, though, isn't it?
 Our pockets are warm now. I've got a lot of gold from the Count.
"All right, then. Sold. We'll get the money next time.
Oh, I think I'll come back in two weeks, if that's all right.
I don't mind. You're coming, right?
Yeah. I'll have the money ready for you then.
All right. I'll tell them to tie your wagon together.
 And Camilo walked toward the warehouse.