135 Dragon carriage

 Camilo heads for the warehouse, and we stay there to watch the new addition to the family, the running dragon.
"Can I touch it?
 Deanna asks hesitantly.
"It's okay to touch it now that it's part of our family.
 When I said that, Deanna softly approached Zoryu. The dragon is watching her, but it doesn't show any signs of backing down or becoming alarmed.
 I'm sure you'll be able to figure out what's going on.
"Wow, it's warm.
 It looks completely reptilian, but it's warm. As Deanna continued to stroke her shoulder, the dragon jerked its head.
 I thought there was something wrong with it, but the dragon was rubbing its head against Deanna's shoulder. It looks as if he is returning the favor for what has been done to him.
 I'm sure you'll be able to figure out what's going on.
 The dragon's eyes narrowed and it squealed. When Deanna hears this, the corners of her eyes drop so low that they seem to touch the ground.
 It doesn't seem to mind being touched by people at all. I don't know if the dragon itself is friendly, or if she's just particularly friendly, but it's nice that being touched like this doesn't stress her out.

 As soon as Deanna felt that it was okay to touch the dragon, the other three went to touch it as well, albeit hesitantly. As I expected, the dragon didn't look uncomfortable. He just rubbed his head against the person touching him and made little noises.
 I also stroked its neck. I can feel its warmth when I touch it. It's not like a normal reptile at all, but it's slippery to the touch, almost like a snake. After stroking it for a while, it rubbed its head against mine and made a "crull" sound.

 Eventually Camilo came back and said he was ready to connect.
But it's only good enough to last until you guys get home, so make sure you do it right when you get home.
All right.
 I just wanted to convert it into a cart with plate springs, and it needed some repairs, so it was convenient.
I'll give you a little extra for the braces.
"Oh, thanks.
 The clerk at Camilo's store attached a brace, probably for horses, to the running dragon to connect it to the cart. I'll remember how to do this.
 However, it is not very complicated. It may take us a while the first time or two, but we'll get used to it. When I looked at the other four, they were also watching the clerk's work intently.

 They pulled the running dragon to the warehouse, removed the horizontal bar for the human to pull, and forcibly extended two bars to connect with the running dragon. I see, it's a hurry-up job.
 He took the cart from behind the running dragon and connected it to the running dragon's armor. Now you have a simple carriage or dragon carriage. There is no gurney, and the driver sits on a box placed on the back of the cart.
 Today's driver is Rike. She's the only one in my family who's ever driven a cart, and I'm sure I'm not in the cheat category. I guess we should all practice when we get home.

 After receiving today's sales from Camilo and loading the goods into the cart, we all climb in. As soon as Rike put the reins on the dragon's body, it gave a "coo" and started to walk slowly. At first he seemed to be straining, as if he was heavy, but as he began to move, his steps became lighter and lighter.
 I waved goodbye to Camilo from the top of the moving car. I usually pull the cart, so this was a refreshing sight. I'm sure I'll see this scene often from now on, but it's quite moving.

 The cart moves slowly through the city. It is a rare sight and attracts a lot of attention. What's a little interesting is that many of them look surprised for a moment when they see the running dragon, and then look at Liddy with a satisfied look.
 Probably because they are as rare as elves, it is not surprising that they are riding in a dragon carriage with a running dragon. It would be better if they were satisfied and didn't ask unnecessary questions.

 As we pulled out of town and onto the street, Leake had us speed up a bit. The shaking of the cart gets worse as we go. It's not unbearable, but I'd like to install a spring-loaded suspension soon to make it more comfortable.
 It's not a comfortable ride, but we're moving along at a comfortable speed, which takes my mind off it.
It's easy.
"Yes, it is. Not having to walk is easy, even if it's not comfortable.
"Now we just have to see how much she can carry.
 Liddy says to Deanna.
"At least as much as two people can carry with us on board.
 I replied, but I couldn't tell if there was still room or if it was the limit without trying. I don't want to make him carry the deadweight, so I'll just say that I'll try it when I get a chance.

 While we were talking about this, we reached the entrance to the forest. It's almost twice as fast as when Rike and I were pulling the cart. At this rate, we'll reach home much faster.
 With this in mind, the cart went into the forest.