136 begin to improve the environment

 The dragon carriage is going through the forest. I was not too concerned about whether or not it could pass through here, since it could pass through here just fine when it was a cart.
 I was more worried about whether the dragon would be afraid of this forest, but so far there was no sign of that. I knew that it wouldn't be afraid of magic because it eats magic, but I thought that it might be frightened by the presence of beasts living in the forest.
I wondered if she would be frightened if a bear or something approached her.
 I asked Samija.
I don't know about running dragons. ....... I don't know anything about running dragons, but I think it's very likely. The bears around here are fierce and strong. But you've fought with Eizo, so you know him well.
Well, yeah.
 I'm nostalgic now, but it was a close fight. If it wasn't for the cheat, he would have died for sure.
So, if the dragon is frightened, you have to be careful?
I don't know if that will be the case ......? Well, I'm sure I'll find out when it does.
That's right.
 Of all of us, Samija has the best nose. I'm not sure who's nose is better than the dragon's, but I'm sure they'll figure it out before it becomes fatal.
 So far, nothing dangerous has been caught in either of their noses. Unless you're a weakling, you're safer in the woods than on the road, where there are fewer things to attack.

 Now that we're in the forest, the road is gone, and the ground is much worse than the road, but the chariot is moving along at a good speed. That is to say, the shaking is reasonably severe. The good news is that it is much faster than a person pulling it, and it won't stay like this for a long time.
 We have to be a little careful with our luggage, but so far we haven't had any tumbling out of the car. None of them are loaded directly, but in barrels or boxes.
 Even so, there are still times when we get a big bang, so we should install suspensions as soon as possible. For the sake of our hips and asses.

 As expected, we reached home much earlier than usual. Aside from the ride, it's still a lot easier. I think I should have introduced the system earlier, but I'll excuse myself by saying that it's hard to understand something like this until you actually experience it.
 While Rikke and Liddy remove the running dragon from the carriage, the other three carry the luggage into the house. I asked them to check again how to put on the brace when they remove it. In the previous world, I would have been able to take a picture with my phone and record the condition, but in this world, I can't do that, so I have to learn.

 As we cleaned ourselves, we also wiped the body of the running dragon with a cloth that had been soaked in warm water and wrung out tightly. It seems to be a good feeling, because he was squinting his eyes while squealing, "Kururururururu.
"Good, good, good. Thank you for your hard work today.
 I gave him a light tap on the neck, and he licked my face. It was soft and ticklish, not coarse like a feline.
 After that, I filled an empty barrel with water and brought it to him. I still have some of yesterday's meat that hasn't been salted yet, so I bring that with me.
Don't go too far from here. Don't go too far.
 I said, and the dragon squealed in understanding. I patted his head again and went back to the house.

 At dinner that night, we talked about his name. I couldn't keep calling him "Runryu" forever.
I don't even know if it's male or female.
 I forgot to ask Camilo. I have a feeling that even if I ask him, he would say "I don't know". I haven't seen any external features that can be judged like mammals. Given the size of its body, I would have recognized it immediately.
It's a name that could have gone either way.
 Deanna also looked thoughtful.
Isn't there a rule of thumb for naming a horse?
"No. The most amazing horse I've ever heard of is owned by a nobleman from another country, Henning Hermann III. It seems that he was descended from a famous horse.
 A horse with the name of a family plus a third generation? It's not an inexpensive purchase, and I don't know how you feel about that. If I only heard the name, I might ask, "Marquis? I might ask.

 For a while, there was a lot of back and forth.
Then Sarmyah said, "Well, it sounds like 'Krull', so why not 'Krull'?
 Samija said. If it were a male, it would sound a bit cute, but it wouldn't be out of place. The more elaborate the name, the more uncomfortable it is.
It's nice.
"I think Krull suits you.
I have no objection.
 Deanna, Rikke and Liddy don't seem to have any objections.
"Well, let's call it Krull.
 And so Krull became a member of our family.

"Well, we can't leave him out in the rain, so we're going to build him a hut with just a roof and walls.
 It doesn't rain often around here, and the trees will block some of the rain, but I feel bad about exposing my family to the rain.

 No one particularly objected to my suggestion, and the next day all hands were on deck to build Krull's hut. Heaven only knows when it will rain, you know.
 Before going to bed, we all went to say good night and that Krull had been given a name, and Krull made a single "coo" sound, curled up on the ground and closed his eyes. In the previous world, I'm sure I'd have managed to get him on the gram.
 I took about 10 combos of Diana's attacks on my shoulder, and went home to prepare for the next day's work.