137 The construction of the keel construction

 The next day, when I went to fetch the first water in the morning, Krull was already awake. He didn't wander around, but just sat there and stayed still. I wondered if he was taking in some magic power.
 As I approached him, he slowly turned his head towards me.
Good morning. Do you want to go fetch some water with me?
 Krull slowly stands up.
"Whoa, wait a minute then.
 I rushed back to the house and got another water bottle to hang from Krull's neck.
Isn't it tight?
"Okay, follow me then.
 I led the way, and he slowly followed me. I don't know if he needs a walk or not, but since he won't be going to the city for the next two weeks, it might be better to give him some exercise like this every day. For now, I'll walk her back and forth today and see how she does.

 I went at the same pace as usual and reached the lake. I decided to finish washing my face here. It's too small for five people to line up in a tub. .......
 I also wiped Krull's body again. I also checked his eyes and nose to see if there was any runny nose or sore eyes. There were none, and he seemed to be in good health.
 By the way, I wonder what a running dragon does if it catches a cold or something. I wonder if there is a doctor specializing in that.
 I wonder if there is a doctor specializing in this field. I guess we should think about what happens when humans (including beastmen, dwarves, and elves) get sick.

 Now that Krull and I are both refreshed, I'm going to get a bottle of water. For the time being, I left about half of the bottle for Krull to carry.
Isn't it heavy?
That's all I need for today. Let's go home.
 I went back to the house to check on Krull, but he didn't seem to be wobbling or stopping. Maybe I'll carry a little more tomorrow.

"Thanks for your help. Let's go again tomorrow.
 I lifted the bottle off Krull's neck. Krull seems to be happy to hear that we're going again tomorrow, so I think it's better to take him there every day.
 After putting down the bottle, Krull took a small bite of the leftover meat from yesterday. Looking at him, it seems that he ate only what he bit into last night.
 If he eats only that much per meal, he'll have enough to last until tomorrow. If I'm not careful, I'll probably eat less than a human. An eco-friendly creature to be reckoned with.
 I told Krull that I'd see him later, and went back inside.

 After breakfast and some other things, I start today's work. I hope to have Krull's hut built within a week at the latest. It's a literal shack, and I'm sure it will be built soon.
 We are digging a hole to build a pillar facing the courtyard. The tool is a custom-made excavator. The soil here is also hard, but thanks to the custom-made model and the strengthened muscles, the hole was dug quickly.
 The size of the hut was decided by asking Krull to come to the site. The size of the hut was set so that there would be enough room for Krull to lie down, so it is quite spacious.
 In the hole we dug, we pulled out a tree for a pillar and set it up. Krull helped me to hang the rope and pull it up, so I made a lot of progress. No matter how strong my muscles are, I'm still no match for an "expert" like Kururu.

 After setting up the pillars, I started to lay the beams. The beams are not very impressive, but they are the minimum to maintain the structure of the building. Cheetos are used to create a good fit, and nails are used to secure the beams so that they do not fall down.
 After assembling the roof ridge, the outline of the hut became visible. Before putting on the roof and wall panels, the floor of the hut is covered with soil from the digging of the hole to make it a little higher than the surrounding ground.
 If you don't do this, water will flow into the hut when it rains, and Krull will be in trouble.
 As for the work itself, Samija and the others who had experience in building rooms were there, and Krull was there to carry it. Liddy, though not used to it, helped us a lot, so it went quite smoothly.
 Even so, it would have been impossible to build at such a pace, but that's where the cheats come in.

 It was getting late in the day by this point, so we would have to wait until tomorrow to put up the boards. I announced the end of the day's work to everyone.

 After the work, I cleaned myself up and asked Liddy about it.
"Krull seems to be eating much less food, is that so?
"Yes, that's true. The magic power in this forest is much higher than in other forests, so I think it's almost enough.
Is that so?
 The rest of them, whether they were domesticated or wild, are extremely intelligent. I'm not sure if he understands every detail, but he at least understands what I'm saying. In addition to its rarity, I think the fact that it is expensive is also a big part of the reason.

 Well, even if we leave that out of the equation, the fact is that they are already quite cute.
 I feel like I'm building a new family room, rather than a shed for the livestock, albeit a dugout.
 I hope to have it finished tomorrow. With this in mind, I started to prepare dinner.