138 the completion of a keel

 The next day, when I got up and went to fetch water, I went with Krull again today. I asked Krull to carry 3/4 of the water bottle today, which was more than yesterday, but there was still plenty of room. This should be enough to carry a full bottle of water.

 Today's work basically consisted of putting up the boards, starting with cutting out the boards according to size. Cermia and I will do this at the lumberyard. After the boards are cut, the other three and Krull carry them to the hut.
 When Krull carries the boards, he holds them in his mouth and carries them with great dexterity, but in the beginning, Deanna was very nervous. She is like a mother watching over her child. I don't know how you feel about that, but I think Krull will be fine without worrying too much.

 Since I used a custom-made cheat saw, I was able to mass-produce the boards in no time. I'm a little low on wood, but I've got a way to get some.
 Also, in the past, I have not been able to go far to cut wood, but I can do that if Krull carries it. It's a good idea to get more of them at some point.

 Make a wall with the boards you made. If you want to do something elaborate, you might want to dig grooves in the pillars and insert the boards into them, but this time I'm in a hurry, so I'm just hammering the boards into the pillars.
 However, the wall should not be completely covered, but the upper part should be open. The roof will be sheltered so that the rain will not blow in directly.
 The roof itself will be covered with shingles, but we can only check for leaks when it rains. Since the edges of the shingles will be covered, there should not be much leakage. In terms of image, it is similar to the tochi-tsuki that existed in Japan.
 I can't do something as laborious as that, but if I do it the same way, the effect will be similar.

 We made it in a hurry, but with a combination of the effect of division of labor and cheats, we managed to make a shape before the sun went down.
 As for the fences and doors, we thought about the possibility of unidentified bandits coming to the area, but we all agreed that if they were human (or beast, or dwarf, or elf, or lizardman), there would be no point in making fences and doors, and Krull was smart enough not to need them, so we didn't make them.
 It's not like the previous world, where it's illegal to keep the animals tethered, so they are completely free to come and go as they please.
 It has the appearance of a hut, but it is still just a hut. When I have enough time, I'd like to renovate this place into a storage room and build a proper barn (dragon house?) separately. When I have enough time, I'll convert this place into a shed and build a proper barn (dragon house?) separately. .......

"Krull, this is your room from now on.
 "Kururu, this is your room from now on," I said, tapping Kururu's neck lightly.
 "Krull, from now on this is your room.
 He then lay down and let out a snort. He liked it. I'm glad you like it. It was worth the hurry to make it.
"Come in here when you sleep and when it rains. If you need anything, just bang on the wall of the house.
 Deanna stroked Krull and called out to him. Krull knows what she's saying.
 Krull replied.
 I would also like to report that my shoulder is safe since I was away from Deanna this time.

 At dinner, we discussed and decided on our future plans. The next visit to Camilo's store is in twelve days, so we have a few days to spare, but there are still a lot of things we need to do now.
 For the time being, I'll be working on the urgent task of remodeling the cart over the next four days, while Rike and the others will be doing their normal work: sheet metal work, general model making, hunting and gathering, and field maintenance.
 As soon as I'm done with the cart, I'll go back to my normal blacksmithing work, and when I've made enough, I'll spend the rest of my time making the doors and beds for the room that will be Liddy's. If I can't make it in time, I'll go back to work on the next one.
 If they didn't make it in time, they would make them at the beginning of the next two weeks. I don't think there will be any inconvenience, since the guest room is currently occupied, but as a family, it would be uncomfortable for me to stay in the guest room forever, so I would like to work quickly.

 The next day, I went with Krull to fetch water. When we came out of the house today, he was already waiting there, and I gave him a bottle of water. It's been about three days since we arrived, but it seems to have become a habit for Krull.
 Today, I filled up a water bottle and gave it to him, and he carried it without any problem. He was able to carry a heavy cart, so I guess he can handle this much.
Thank you again.
 Krull and I walked back to the house together.