139 New Technology

 Today we will start modifying the cart as planned. The current cart has a single axle at the front and rear, with wooden wheels at both ends.
 The easiest way is to insert a spring between the axle and the body of the cart, but considering bending, it would be better to extend an arm from the axle for the front wheels and attach the wheels to it. In this case, the spring would be mounted around the wheel.
 Unlike automobiles, the wheels themselves do not need to change direction, and there is no need to consider the transmission of power to either the front or rear wheels. It is easy to design around this.

 The only thing that needs to be done is to rebuild the connections that have been forcibly extended. If this is the case, the cart will need to be reused for the bed and wheels, and the remaining parts will need to be repaired in some places, so it is not clear which is faster than rebuilding the whole cart.

 The next thing to consider is the material of the plate spring. Normally, it would be better to use steel, but the wood around here is hard, and I think it is not impossible to use wood for the spring.
 If you use cheats, it is easy to make a shape that can be used as a plate spring. However, the question is whether or not it is acceptable to have a metal plate spring in the world.
 After thinking about it for a while, I realized that it would be the same if someone saw it made of wood and replaced it with steel, so I decided to make it of steel.
 However, I decided to make the shape prototype in wood. No matter how many cheats are available, it takes a certain amount of time to adjust the size. With wood, it is easy to change the shape with my knife.

 Rike and his friends are supposed to be making sheet metal today, so I'll ask them to make more. Actually, I should make it myself. I said.
"No, it's your job as an apprentice to do this kind of work when your master tells you to.
 Rike followed me. I'm sorry.

 After splitting and elongating a large quantity of planks made during the construction of Krull's hut, I made planks of different lengths. If you boil water and bend the boards and stack them on top of each other, the principle is almost the same as the one used for the spring suspension.
 Since this is a prototype, nail it in the middle and fix it to a board as a base to prevent it from falling. I placed another board on top of the spring, and then placed a small barrel on top of it.
 Gently support the board with one hand, and push the barrel from above with the other hand. When I released it, the barrel bounced back. This is the shape of the spring itself.

 This series of operations is treated as production, and I was able to do it quickly. I wonder to what extent the cheat is applied as production. Cooking seems to be included in production, and maybe even sewing.
 I tried doing laundry, but there was not much difference compared to what other people do, so it seems that it is not production.
 Even if this work is the priority for now, it would be better to know what can be done and to what extent.

 Anyway, on to the improvement of the cart. I made another set of plate springs, cut down a log to make four wheels, and made two axles by picking up appropriate sticks and processing them.
 The front and rear wheels were made by fixing simple wheels to both ends of the axles. For the front and rear wheels, a board was placed in the front and rear directions on each side, and the axle was fixed to the board so that it could rotate. For the rear wheels, a plate spring is inserted between the plate and the axle, and the height of the front wheel side is increased.

 The details of these operations are mostly done by cheats. I would like to be able to do this with my own abilities, but I wonder if I will be able to distinguish it from cheating when I am able to do it.
 It's a good idea to take a look at the website and see if there is anything you can do to help.

 ......1 I can't help but think a lot when I'm working alone. I'm going to take a break.
 So I found Krull sitting beside me, watching me work. I don't have any work to do today except fetching water.
"You're here, Krull.
Let's see if you can help me.
 Placing more boards on top of the boards between the axles, it looked like a freight train bogie. It would not be very durable, but it could be used for simple work.

 I tied a rope to the cart-like thing, and placed the empty barrel I had used on the board. The rope was also tied to Krull's body so that he could pull it.
"Does it tighten or hurt?
Okay, now go around the yard.
 I say, and Krull goes around the garden. Since the structure is a structure, the turning is forced. The empty barrel bounces once and then rolls over and falls as it did when it first turned.
 Seeing this, Krull tried to stop, but
"You can keep walking.
 and he started to walk around the yard again. It is hard to tell because the weight on the spring is extremely light, but if you compare the front wheel and the rear wheel, the rear wheel seems to have more suspension movement.

I think I'll go with the rear wheel for now.
 I thought to myself, and watched Krull happily going around the yard for a while.