140 step by step

 After that, I tried to make the structure of the rear wheel part, and made the best shape when I replaced it with metal. Now all that is left is to apply this structure to an actual cart, which should be possible .......
 That work itself will be done tomorrow after the front wheels are prototyped. Because, after all, it's already getting dark and Rike and the others have already finished their work for the day.
 As for Krull, he seems to feel that he's been entertained for the day. I'm glad he's having fun. I'm sure he'll be helping me again tomorrow. .......

 The next day, I took off the front wheels of the prototype cart that I assembled yesterday. Using the rear wheels we made yesterday as a reference, we made two more of the same set of leaf springs.
 Simply put, the basic structure of Eizo Kobo's special cart would be complete if we could make the left and right sides of the front wheels independent and insert these plate springs in between. However, it is easier said than done, and it will take a lot of effort to realize it.
 Even I, with my knowledge of the previous world and a vague idea of what the finished product would look like, would have a hard time with this, but the people of the previous world who created it with their own hands are truly amazing.

 I've tried various ways to make it, and it seems that the best way to make it is to have the wheels attached to the tips of the legs, which are structured like the letter "几". The upper part should be placed at the front of the cart, and the protruding legs should move independently from left to right, with springs attached to the extended legs. Attach a wheel made from a log to the end of the foot, and you have completed the work.

 Today, Kururu came to see the work, or rather, he (Honryu?) came to play with it. So I made it so that Krull could pull it as he did yesterday, and then asked him to go around the garden.
 Krull is walking around the garden in a good mood. It seems to be much easier to go around than yesterday. He seems to have absorbed some of the bumps.
 Since yesterday's barrel was too light and fell down quickly, today we put a small barrel filled with water on it. The weight is about 10 kilograms. The dolly sank slightly.
All right, let's try this again.
 With a thump, Krull begins to circle the yard. Because of its weight, the barrel does not fall immediately when the cart bends. It sways softly on what seems to be an uneven surface. The shaking may cause water to spill, but there is no sense of a thumping impact as when nothing is happening. If the same thing were mounted on a carriage, it might protect Miss Frederica's butt a little.

 Looking at it, I'm worried about the load here and there, but when I mount it on a cart, I'll use steel with custom model performance using cheats, so I'm sure I can handle it, even if it's a feat of strength. I'm sorry to those who imitate plate springs, but I'd like to leave it to you to improve the suspension system and other aspects of the system on your own.
 Even in the previous world, people said, "It cannot be reproduced with modern technology. It seems that in the previous world, there was a lot of stuff like "even if you make the same thing, it won't have the same durability", but maybe it's the same story.
 The day ended with the completion of this cart. Tomorrow I have to start on the cart itself.

 The next day, I put together some leftover boards and installed them on the cart to make a small cart.
 It is all made of wood, and although I used a cheat sheet to cut it into a circle as much as possible, the wheels are cut out of logs, so I think it will have many difficulties in durability and usability, but it will be fine for a little use or for Krull to play with. If it breaks, so be it.

 Now it's time to modify the cart itself. First, remove the wheels and repair the damaged parts of the cart. I'm also going to fix the parts that I think could still use a little more work. Thanks to the cheat, I was able to repair the damage by gluing boards together without nails. The color is different in some places, but I guess it's a matter of taste. I made parts from wood to replace the damaged parts of the wheel.

 From this point on, the work is blacksmithing, so we entered the workshop. Ricke and the others were making shortswords and longswords. Deanna and Riddy were making the molds, Samija was pouring the molten iron, and Rike was finishing. Because of this, there were a good number of them made by the time I entered.
 I picked up one of the finished models. It's still in the category of ordinary models, but it's almost a high-end model. The magic seems to be coming in. Rike is definitely growing up.
It's good.
"No, not yet. I need to be able to consistently produce the high-end models that the master is talking about.
 It's good to have high goals. It's a good thing that you have high goals." Since it's uncouth to say anything about it, I just say, "Good luck," and get on with my work.

 The first thing to do is to make iron plates for the springs. I take out some sheets of metal, and heat one of them on the fireplace and tap it. A sensation and sound that I hadn't felt in a long time reverberated through my body, and I even felt nostalgic.
 The sensation made me think that I had become a blacksmith in body and mind in less than a year since I came here.