142 Refurbished

 I'll take the parts to the cart where I've disassembled them. Now we are going to assemble these parts, but there are some parts that are different from the previous world, so we need to arrange them. For example, instead of using nuts and bolts, we will use pins and wedges.
 These will affect the serviceability and durability. I will take care of this by using cheat parts and daily inspections, but I would like to ask those who imitate me to improve on their own.

 Let's start with the rear wheels. Install a set of leaf springs and a part for connecting the back of the cargo bed, and connect the tubular part of the longest leaf spring to it.
 Since the leaf spring is bow-shaped, the length of the string in a bow changes when it is extended and when it is retracted. It is necessary to have a part that absorbs this change when it is connected. This is attached to one side only, and the other side is directly connected to the cargo bed.
 Once the springs have been put together with parts like those used to put together a set of springs, the axle can be passed through the tube at the bottom of the parts, and the structure is completed by attaching wheels on both sides.
 The lubricating oil is pork fat, or lard, which was used before mineral oil became common even in the previous world. In our case, we use boar fat. Rapeseed oil is also used, but we have plenty of boar fat.

 I temporarily assembled the front wheel (the parts for mounting the wheel were made of wood), and tried to pull it.
 Since I was not going to ask him to pull me for a long distance, I did not wear a brace, but used a rope instead.
"Does it hurt?
 I checked if there was any problem, and he seemed to be fine, so I asked him to go around the garden. The mechanism itself is working well, but there are some parts that are not right, so I have him take it off, adjust it, and pull it again.

 When the sun was just about to set, the adjustment was finally completed. This completes the rear wheel for the moment. The connection between the front wheel and the brace will be done tomorrow.

 The next morning, I let Krull carry the water for himself. Kururu is very happy.
 By the way, I wonder why a running dragon wants to pull and carry things. Since they are so smart, I think there might be something other than biological instincts, but unfortunately, I don't have any cheats in biology, and I don't have any knowledge in that area in my installation, so I have no idea.
 For the time being, Krull is in a good mood, so that's good.

 The front wheel part has a slightly different mechanism, but the work is the same. Instead of screws and bolts, pins are used to assemble the parts and adjust them.
 Since the front wheels are independent of the left and right wheels, the parts that need durability are made of steel. Even with this, there are some concerns. So the steel is made with as much magic power as a custom-made model. This is quite a feat of strength.

 Final adjustments will be made after the connection to the armor is modified. From the shape of the removed connection part, I will make a new part for the connection part. This part is made of wood and existing parts are used. After making the new parts quickly, I put the brace on the crull (it took a long time because I was not used to it), and adjusted the connection part and the cart.
 After a little movement and adjustment, and a little movement and adjustment again and again, the crull is finally ready to be towed smoothly. Next time I do some repair work, I'd like to make it smoother. .......

 Now that we can make the final adjustments, we ask Krull to pull the cart again. The suspension seems to be working on both the front and rear wheels. However, there were still a few problems, so I stopped and adjusted again. By the time we were satisfied with the results, the sun was almost setting.
 If it were only blacksmithing, it wouldn't take this long, but the general production cheat is not as good as blacksmithing. There is no choice but to repeat trial and error like this.

 Anyway, the ride should be much more comfortable now, and I can go a little faster because of it. If it takes less time to go to the city, there will be more things to do with that time.
 With a happy imagination of what I could do with that time, I started to clean up the mess.