143 a new daily life

 The cart had been completed yesterday. Rikke and Liddy had been working on the general model of the knife and practicing with the magic, while Samija and Deanna had been out hunting. In other words, today was the day to retrieve their prey.
 The five of us have been out there before, but today Krull would be joining us. It was quite a challenge even with five people when it was a big one, but I think it will be much easier with Krull.
 We won't be using the cart and mini cart this time. This time we will not be using carts and mini-carts, as the lumber will come directly from the carts we make there, which we take apart and dry at home.
 The location of the lake will be different each time, as it will be near the place where we caught the fish. Therefore, a little bit of logging should not be a problem. ...... We're cutting down somewhere once a week, so it's possible that we'll need to think about it sooner or later.

 We're still going to head to the place where we all sunk it, pull it up, and make a platform to put it on. From now on, Krull will be the one to pull it up.
 We thought about asking Krull to help us pull it up, but we decided that it would be better to do it ourselves. It may seem overprotective, but even if you think about it coldly, it is not a good way to use up a running dragon that is not cheap.
 Despite my pseudo-evil thoughts, the truth is that Krull is happily towing the cart. I guess I can bring him along again in the future.

 Thanks in part to Krull, I was able to get home earlier than usual.
Thank you, Krull.
 Deanna thanked Krull and stroked his neck. Everyone else was doing the same. Of course, so did I.
 Krull's eyes narrowed in happiness.

 We're going to dismantle our prey, which today is a wild boar. From today on, a portion of it will be used as Kullu's meal, so I'll share it with him.
 Since he hardly eats anything, I kept the portion for today and the portion for drying without preparation separate. Now we have enough food for Krull for the next two weeks.
 He eats grass when he feels like it. I checked with Liddy to see if there were any poisonous plants, but he said there were none unless they had mutated, so I didn't make any special preparations.
 The staple food is the magic of the forest, so I decided not to think about nutrients. It doesn't seem to be a creature that can compete with the knowledge of the previous world. As long as it's cute, that's all that matters.

 Since it was the day I brought up my catch, I was going to cook with it for lunch today. Pork steak would have been fine, but today I'm going to cook it like grilled meat. I'd like to try to make a cutlet or schnitzel with fermented bread, or something else that is not completely fried.

 After lunch, I'm going to work on the high-end models. I need to rush to make enough stock for two weeks from today. Everyone else is off, but Rike will be observing and practicing my work, and Saamya and Deanna will be helping Riddy with the courtyard fields, so it's half a job.

 I'll be making a shortsword and a longsword today. They've left me a few things that are just out of the molds, so I'm going to work on them. When these are gone, I'll make knives.

 While I was working on the shortsword and longsword, Deanna came into the workshop from the house. She seemed to be a little bloodthirsty. I thought she was working in the fields.
Krull's been in front of the little cart all day. ......
 Oh, that's right.
If you can get the rope around his shoulders, he'll be happy to pull it.
Oh, yeah. Okay.
 Deanna flew off at a speed that would be best described as "flying". I wonder if Krull was aware that she was being played with.
 Fetching water in the morning was his daily job, while the small cart and the hunting cart were considered to be his playthings. I wonder about large carts. I hope they think it's an important job because they have to wear the gear and travel long distances.

 Perhaps the abundance of magic in the Kuro Forest gave me too much energy, but soon I heard the sound of crowing and rumbling from outside.
 As I listened to the sounds, I was happy to know that one more item had been added to the "usual" list.