144 the story of a legendary blacksmith

 The number of works produced that day was the same as usual, neither too many nor too few. Do you think this was because of the blank or in spite of the blank? Either way, it's a good thing that the number was not less than planned.

 The next day, Rike and I went to work in the forge, while the other three and Krull went foraging. Liddy went with us, apparently to look for something to plant in the field. Krull seems to have been driving a mini cart.
 However, I think he was simply going for a walk, since the amount of food he was gathering was too much for that mini cart to be of much use.

 Today, I made a longsword from a mold for the first time in a long time. The feeling is now nostalgic. I poured molten iron into the mold. Using cheats, I slowly and carefully poured it in. While it was hardening, I made the next mold.
 At first, Rike said he would do it, but he refused because he had his own work to do. Although I was his apprentice, I didn't teach him anything in particular.
 I did ask him to make a lot of sheet metal, but it is against my aesthetics to ask him to do so as an apprentice when I haven't taught him anything.

 That's why I've been kneading clay and pasting it onto the male mold to make a mold. In fact, this is the second generation of the male mold. The design is the same as before, so there is no difference.
 I take it out of the mold when the iron has cooled down. Hmm, the quality is better when I pour it myself. The amount of magic power is also much different than when Cermia and Diana poured it. Is this thanks to the cheat?

 As for this longsword (and shortsword) alone, I think the fastest way to make it is to process it myself.
 But, of course, there is only one of me. I can't make molds or pour molten iron while I'm working, so it would be faster to have Samija and the others help me. So it doesn't matter if I'm the only one who can do it.
 On the contrary, when it comes to making custom-made models, I'm currently the fastest person to do it from scratch. It's a field where I'm good enough to do it all by myself.

 I showed it to Ricke.
I showed it to Ricke, but he said, "I don't know where to touch if you say you haven't finished it yet.
 I don't know where to touch. This may be the case with Rike, who has just touched the beginning of a high-end model. Even so, his work is better than most of the average human smiths.

 Speaking of which, I wonder what the general level of dwarves is. In the case of human blacksmiths, even my high class model was around the level of "there are several of the same level in the city". In other words, my general model is at or above the average level.
That's right. If you're dealing with armor in a dwarven blacksmith shop, you'll find ten times as many that are at the level of the master's work than in the capital.
 I asked, and Rike answered. That's rather a lot.
In the case of dwarves, they focus more on extracting the power of the materials rather than the magic power. That's why they're not very good at working with mithril, but they're better at working with silver and gold.
 Mithril's properties change depending on the amount of magic you put into it, but if you don't handle it well, it's just like a light steel. It's awesome enough, but...
It's still better than humans overall. To find out what I'm good at, I'm going on a journey of apprenticeship with humans as well.
I see.
Just ......
There are only a handful of dwarves who can make something of the same performance but with the same finesse as you. In the case of custom-made models, even the legendary Don Dorgo is no match.
"Is he a great blacksmith?
"Legend has it that 600 years ago, during the Great War, he received power from the gods and struck a brave man with his sword.

 It was in the installed knowledge that there was a war between the demon race and humans and other races 600 years ago.
 At that time, the heroes defeated the demon king, but the humans and other races that had been pushed back pushed back, and the heroes died, and both sides were exhausted, so there was a truce.
 According to Rike's story, the dwarf who struck the sword with which the demon king was defeated was Don Dorgo.
I wonder if I'm as great as that legend.
"Of course not. I can cut knives like that.
"Oh, .......
 I have to agree with you there. If you say I'm not that great, then what is great about me?

The sword of the hero that Don Dorgo struck was said to be 2 meters long and 60 centimeters wide. I heard it was made of orichalcone or some other divine mineral.
That sounds like it can cut anything. I know it's amazing that they were able to make it in the first place.
 I chuckled. That size is no different from wielding a steel frame (or is it orichalcone bone?). In terms of mithril feeling, it's the same as swinging a steel frame. From the feel of mithril, it would have taken a lot of effort to process the orichalcone, and it's amazing that they were able to secure that amount in the first place, even though they probably had the backing of a nation.
 The weapon itself is also made of orichalcone, and if it were to be hit by that, there would be no end to it. Either the hero was a very macho man, or the legend is somewhat exaggerated.

Yes. But I'm sure you can create the same cutting power in a smaller weapon with more finesse.
I'll have to try.
 It was 600 years ago, so it's impossible to confirm, but depending on Don Dorgo's level of expertise in handling magic, I should be able to make the same weapon with better performance because of my skill in handling magic.
 However, the fact that he received his power from the gods means that he must have improved his handling of magic to a certain degree, and I'm not sure if I'm as good as he is.
 I've been given a second life as a blacksmith, and it's not that I don't want to leave behind some kind of product or work that will leave a good name, but on the other hand, I also want to live a quiet and relaxed life.
 So when I get older, I want to be able to say, "This is my work! and then just live in seclusion? It's a story that makes my heart ache even though I'm over 40.

"Legend, huh?
 I thought I had said it in a very low voice, but Rike, who had heard me carefully, said

"Yes. That's what I think you're going to do.
 And I went back to work, hiding my embarrassment.