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 I was able to make the longsword and shortsword rather well. According to the sales figures I got from Camilo, we still need more of these for the high-end models, so if we can make them for a few more days, we should be fine. The amount of knives should be fine in moderation.
 It looks like I'll have time to make the door and the bed for Liddy's room.

 Just before sunset, I hear a rumble outside. Krull must have come back. That means the other three must have returned as well.
 Moments later, as expected, Samija, Deanna, and Liddy returned to the workshop.
Welcome back.
 When I called out to them, each of them replied with a different "I'm home.
What did you pick today?
"Mostly fruit. Mainly fruit, and a few things that could be planted in the field. Liddy picked it up.
We're focusing on the ones that can be harvested early.
 Samija replied, and Liddy followed up. If you mean early crops, then I'd say herbs and leafy greens. We'll soak some of the fruits in wine and consume the rest as soon as possible. It's good to have a crowded table.

 After finishing the day's work, I prepare dinner. Today I made a kind of herb-roasted wild boar with herbs. I also served some apple-like fruits.
 I cut up some of the apple-like fruits and put them in a small jar with plenty of water. The jar was sterilized by boiling, and the water was boiled once. I left them in my workshop with the lid on, hoping for the best. I hope it works.

 The dinner was well received. It is difficult to be so elaborate in the cooking method itself, but I would like to vary the seasoning as much as possible. I'll ask Camilo if I can get some butter or cheese. .......

 The next day, Samija, Diana, and Liddy were going to work in the fields today. The seedlings they brought back yesterday will not last long if they are not replanted soon.
 However, the seedlings they brought back were not enough to fill the field. We need to make room for the seeds when they arrive from Elf Village, so we'll leave the field empty.
 We are a family of five plus one cow, so even if we could harvest the maximum amount of food per person, the quantity would be limited, but I think it is important in this kind of life to be able to feed ourselves.
 You never know what might force you to stay here for a long time, and if you want to start living like a hermit, it's necessary. It would be a good idea to accumulate this kind of know-how while you can.

 But today, I have to work as a blacksmith. I also need to make a good amount of inventory for delivery in a week or so. You can at least visit ...... in between, can't you?
 I've switched to making knives today, since Samija and the others are going to help me with the blacksmithing tomorrow. It's faster to make swords with help.
 It seems that Rike will also be making knives today. According to Camilo, the general model knives made by Rieke are the best-selling knives, so it is the general model knives that should be made in large numbers.
 In other words, there are not that many high-end knives available. This is because the number of people who want knives with such sharpness is much smaller than for other products.
 Camilo has told me that he doesn't have a problem with the small number of knives, so today I'll split the workload between the general models and the high-end models, so that Rike will have less work to do, and he can spend that time making whatever he wants.

 When I told Rike about this, at first he said, "That's too much to ask," but I convinced him that he should be able to make something on his own as a disciple of Eizo Kobo, and he grudgingly accepted.
 I feel that I'm pushing my pupil around a bit, but please forgive me for being selfish sometimes.

 As a general model, I don't have to put so much effort into it, so I can do it easily. For a while, the sound of me and Rike hammering rhythmically echoed in the workshop, but eventually we heard a rumble from outside.
 I guessed that Krull was begging Diana to let him pull the mini cart. If I could make a plow for Krull to pull, it would be easier to expand the farm, but I don't intend to farm on such a large scale.
 The clear rhythm of metal clashing against metal and the rattle of the bass added to the sound as Rike and I mass-produced knives.