146 the last room

 In between making knives, I took a look at the field. Rows have been made, and the sprouts of the seedlings are neatly lined up in lovely rows. The spacing between the seedlings seems to have been kept wide. I wonder if this wild species has a wide root system.
 It seems that not all of the seedlings have been planted yet, but the work is well underway.
"Oh, it's done!
"Well, it's almost done.
 Deanna says proudly. She was holding a hoe in her hand and looked as if no one would trust her even if she said she was a countess. You've become accustomed to life here, haven't you?

The soil around here has a lot of magic power, so I think it will grow well.
 The one who says this is Liddy, also holding a hoe. As a former member of another world, I find the idea of an elf with a hoe a bit strange.
 It just doesn't look right. Maybe it's just because Rikke's axe looks so good on her that it makes me think so.
 Before starting this work, I asked Riddy about it, and he told me that it was normal to work in the fields in his village, so I guess he doesn't think so.

I've never done this kind of work before, but I guess it's pretty hard work.
 Samija also said, holding a hoe. I've heard that the beastmen of the Kuro Forest basically don't do any farming.
The beastmen are very strong, and I'm sure they'll get used to it.
"It'll be good practice for your sword.
 Liddy and Deanna said. They've gotten along well over the past few days, which is a good sign. It's a good trend.
Well, I'm going back to the workshop.
Okay, good luck.
See you.
 After receiving cheers from Samija and Deanna and a bow from Liddy, I headed back to my workshop.

 Before I went back to ......, Krull came up to me and noticed that I was outside the house, so I stroked his neck and watched him go around the garden for a while. I think he's getting better at balancing the load.
 The day before yesterday or so, the mini cart was shaking a little more, but today it seems to be shaking a little less. Perhaps he was not only playing, but also practicing.
"Good, good, you're doing great.
 I stroked Krull, who was rubbing his head, and went back to the workshop this time. I went back to the workshop this time, feeling quite reluctant.
 After that, I was able to finish the day's blacksmithing work without a hitch.

 The next day's work proceeded in the same way as before. I spent two days making a sword, and the next two days making a knife.
 Rike worked on the same basic items as I did, while Riddy taught me how to apply magic. Samija, Deanna, and Riddy went hunting, gathering, and watching the fields.
 Krull was busy pulling up prey, gathering, and playing around the garden.
 In between these activities, he checked on the apples in the water. So far, so good. They should be just fine by the time I come back from Camilo's store the day after tomorrow.

 On the day before I go to Camilo's store, I make a door and a bed for Liddy's room. This is the fourth time I've done each of these, so I'm used to working with blanks, and I can save time with my cheats for the most part, so I get it done easily.
This is Liddy's room from now on. It's not furnished properly, but if there's anything you want, just let me know and I'll make it.
Thank you.
 Liddy bowed her head. She had moved from the guest room to her own room and was now a full-fledged member of Eizo's workshop.

But the room is filling up nicely.
I told you so.
 "I told you so," Samija says in disgust. She was the one who told me to make more rooms anyway, and now that I have, I have nothing to say in response.
Should we make a new room for this?
"If it's a storage room, why don't you build one outside?
 I reply to Deanna's words.
No, I mean, we're going to have a new family, sir.
 Now it's Rique.
"No, I don't think so .......
 I argue, but Samija, Deanna, Rique, and for some reason Liddy are clearly not trusting me.
I'm sure Helen will be there.
"Oh, yeah. Sure.
She likes you a lot, too.
 Deanna, Samija, and Rike are all discussing the possibility of Helen's coming. Liddy joins in a little bit, and I'm not very happy about it.
 "Three women make a fool of themselves," I said, "but four women make a fool of themselves, plus one," and I made a little escape from reality.

No, he's not coming.
 I managed to break into the conversation. As far as I'm concerned, Helen probably likes her life now, fighting her way from place to place. When I say that.
I say, "But you're coming back once in a while. Maybe she'll come back as a home then.
 Deanna countered. Well, that's not good.
Oops, I'd better get ready for dinner. Today is the anniversary of Liddy's room!
 It's the anniversary of Liddy's room! But they soon went back to discussing the possibility of Helen's arrival and whether or not the room should be expanded.