147 first run

 In the end, it was decided not to build more rooms. While having a sumptuous dinner to commemorate the completion of the room, we were told that if the number of people in the house increases in the future, the guest room should be used first, and the room should be added in the meantime.
 They said that with the number of people in the house and Krull's help, the work would be much smoother than before. He did not say that there would not be more people in the future. It was very disappointing.

 The next day was the day I was to go to Camilo's store to distribute the goods. After completing the morning routine, including fetching water, Rike and Diana attached the brace to Krull. The other three, including me, loaded the cart.
 We've also built a simple platform for the guard, a chair for the guard to sit on, and a bench for several people to sit on. The cart is connected to Krull's armor, and Rike sits on the platform. The others sat on the benches. You can feel the springs sinking in as you get in. Even with our luggage and us together, the springs didn't feel like they were bottoming out.
 We were going to load ironstone, charcoal, and salt on the way back, so it would have been a complete failure if the spring had bottomed out by now. I'm relieved that it didn't happen that way. I'm relieved that it didn't happen.

 Krull squealed loudly and started walking. It's not a rubber tire, and it's not as comfortable as the cars in the previous world, but it's still better than nothing.
 There is almost no thrusting vibration. Instead, there is a kind of shuddering or something like that. The only thing that dampens the shaking is the friction between the leaf springs, so it feels a little continuous, but whether it is enough to get you drunk or not depends on the person.

 Krull is in a good mood as he pulls the cart along. The speed is moderate because it is in the forest, but it is still as fast as a human jogging.
 The other day, I had Krull pull me only on the way back, and since it wasn't equipped with a suspension system, I had to keep my speed even lower, but if I can run in the forest at this speed, I feel I can reach the city much faster.
 It was obvious that the speed was different, but as I expected, I left the forest much faster than usual. From here, it's the city road.

 Once on the road, the speed increases even more. The speed is as fast as a human running, or as fast as a bicycle pedaling. As a result, the swaying increases, but it is not severe. The load on the carriage also shakes, but it does not bounce, and of course it does not collapse.
 If various types of carriages could run at this speed, it would be possible to make a one-day trip from the city to the capital, instead of the current one-way trip that takes one day. This will not only increase the speed of distribution of goods, but will also increase the speed of information diffusion.
 This will undoubtedly have a variety of effects. The "watchdog" said that "your existence will not have a significant impact on this world," but is that true? Perhaps he was saying that the spread of things that exist in principle is not an influence, as it only moves the needle forward a little.

 There is a limit to the amount of caution that can be exercised, since it is moving at the speed of a human run. Above all, if the thieves wanted to catch up with the cart, they would have to run, unless they were horses.
 Even if they tried to stop Krull with their bows, it would be difficult to hit a target moving at a reasonable speed with the first shot. Anyone who can hit it will not be a thief, because there is a way to make a living in this world without being a thief.
 Even so, you can't be completely unguarded, so you have to keep your eyes on your surroundings and be alert. I should ask Camilo what happened to the bandits when I get to the store.

 The usual guards were standing at the entrance to the city. I looked at his weapon and saw that it was a halberd. I guess the city guards finally got the system. The guard seemed a little surprised to see the dragon carriage, but when he saw us, he said, "Oh, you guys.
"Oh, you guys?
 But when he saw us, he seemed to be convinced. They seem to think we're a strange bunch. Well, I guess it's no big deal now that there are four races and five people together.
 I said from the back of the truck.
"I don't want to talk to you anymore, but just make sure you don't hit anyone, okay?
"Of course.
 I think Krull is smart enough to know better. I'm becoming quite a foolish parent myself. .......

 In fact, Krull was walking slowly and quietly in the city. Perhaps because running dragons are rare, he seemed to be attracting more attention than the elf Liddy.
 If you pay attention to the gazes of some people, you can see that some of them are looking at the wheels - the suspension part. Yes, that's right, that's how I want you to do it.
 Eizo workshop, fat cat suspension! I have no intention of doing anything like that. This is a world where there is no patent system or utility model system, and I have no intention of making any money from this.
 Instead, I'm thinking of teaching Camilo if he asks.

 Slowly, but with the speed of a human being, the cart made its way through town and arrived at Camilo's store. This was the end of my first drive with the modified cart.
 It was not a bad ride. While I was thinking about this, the cart entered the warehouse of Camilo's store.