151 Next Order

 The next day, Krull and I went to fetch water and found a suspicious figure in front of our house, covered in a cloak or something. I can only think of one person who would appear here at this time.
 However, there was no possibility that it was just another bandit, so I set down the water bottle and approached him, ready to draw my knife.
Who is it?
 I called out to whoever it was. The voice that came back was exactly what I expected.
I told you to come, but you're so cautious.
 The voice sounded somewhat dissatisfied, but it was definitely the voice I heard yesterday. I can't see your face through the hood, so I can't see your expression.
That's because I couldn't tell if it was really you.
That's true.
 Then the demon took off his hood. He had slitted eyes, short silver hair, long ears, and brown skin with tattoos that looked like tribal tattoos from the previous world.

 Blended in with the tattoos, there is a sword wound around her left eye. Even so, her face as a whole can be described as a normal beauty. She is a dark elf, if I may use my knowledge of the previous world.
 The voice and facial features match, and I can say with certainty that she is female. The only men I know are Camilo, Marius, and the rest of the guys. I wonder if there's anything else that's closely related to women. .......
"Now you'll understand next time, won't you?
 The demon woman said proudly.
I'm sure you'll be happy to hear that.
"Yes. I'll make sure of it.
Wait there for now. I have to bring in the water.
 I went back to the place where I had set the bottle down and carried it back. If anything happens to it, I'll have to fight to get it out of here. I left Krull's water bottle by the house and asked him to go back to the hut.

 As I carry the water bottle into the house, I ask.
"How did you get here so easily?
"No, it was a bit tricky with the 'man-shield'. I'm not much of a magician.
"I see. ......
 I'm not very good at magic.
If you're here this early in the morning, you haven't eaten yet?
I'll feed you. Go to the guest room and clean yourself up. Clean yourself up first.
Are you sure?
A guest is a guest. ......
 Criminals may be criminals, but criminals who have committed more serious crimes are treated as guests. This is also what I decided yesterday. From the water bottle you brought in, prepare a smaller water bucket for the guest and fill it.
 A demon woman: ......
What's your name, by the way?
Nilda, this is the guest room. Use this for water and cloth. I'll call you when the food is ready, and after you've cleaned yourself up, you can make yourself at home.
All right.
 Nilda nodded obediently and went into the guest room.

"You're here?
 Just then, Deanna and the others woke up.
"Yes. I just told her to unpack and clean herself up.
"Right. Then we'd better get ready.
 We all go about our morning routine. Samija went into the guest room to pick up the laundry. It's a good thing she can't do it by herself.

 After the morning's work was done and breakfast was ready, I sent Samija to call Nilda.
 Everyone, including Nilda, is now at the table. When we put our hands together for the usual "Itadakimasu", Nilda also put her hands together and whispered "Itadakimasu".
I'm sure you'll be able to tell me your name. We can't keep calling you "Demon".
 As we ate, I urged Nilda to introduce herself. Nilda looked unhappy for a moment.
"I'm Nilda.
 Nilda looks frustrated for a moment, then says bluntly, "I'm Nilda. Her gaze is fixed on Liddy, the elf, who looks like ...... as usual, but her eyes have power, or perhaps you can see the writing and aura of gogogo in the background.
 They are incompatible with each other's ecology. ....... There is a feeling that the dragon and the tiger are incompatible. In fact, the tiger is Samija, who is eating a hearty breakfast without worrying about it.

So, how do you know about our product?
 I ask Nilda to see if I can't change the atmosphere.
I was on patrol on the border between the demon world and the human world when I came across a human scouting party and asked a red-haired woman there named Helen.
 Nilda says the demon world and the human world, but the world and time and space are not different. She is simply referring to the realm inhabited by demons as the demon world and the realm inhabited by humans as the human world. It is one of the remnants of a war that took place 600 years ago.
"Helen with red hair, is that the Thunder Sword?"
"When I heard it, it was called 'thunderbolt'."

 You said you'd be out of the area for a while, but you've been to the demon world? And I notice you've changed your nickname. Xun-Lightning? You're certainly fast.
I ran into a squad of "lightning bolts" and got into a fight. But we were outmatched. They didn't kill me, but the thunderbolts destroyed all my weapons but mine in a matter of seconds."
 It's my custom model, so it should be able to destroy ordinary steel with ease. However, even a custom-made model has its limits if it continues to be used like that. I'll have to fix it well when I come back.
I saw it coming, so I tried to keep her from destroying the weapon, but she did it in less than a minute. That's when she said to me, 'You're good! If you had the same weapon as me, you could have done more! And...

"And you heard that?
 Nilda nodded.
"Yes. I said, 'That's the weapon I was hoping to get,' and she said, 'It was specially made for me. It's not that easy to get,' he said. Around that time, the other demon troops heard the sound and came. The "thunderbolt" could have taken care of them too, but for some reason they retreated. He showed them the engraving on the hilt and said, 'If you really want one, find a craftsman who makes weapons with this engraving! I see.
"I see.
"So I got some free time and came looking. I was told that there was a craftsman who made it around here, but I didn't know any better, so I came looking for him. If you have it around here, you must have bought it directly from the craftsman or from a merchant who got it wholesale from the craftsman.
 Helen didn't tell him where it was, though she probably didn't have time to do so.
 Well, that's how the bandits came to be looking for the fat cat's weapon, but I'm sure Helen didn't expect this to happen.

What about the fact that the attacker didn't remember his face?
"They didn't show much to begin with, and in that condition, the spell of forgetfulness works well."
 I glanced at Liddy, and she nodded. I didn't know there was such a spell. She said she wasn't very good at it, but if the conditions were right, she could use it to a certain extent.
"Hmm ......
"Are you finished with your questions?
Yeah. For now.
Okay. But it's good, your food.
If you say so, it's worth it.
 After this, we finished breakfast without much discussion. I don't know if I should ask about the demon world.

 After finishing breakfast and cleaning up, I moved to my workshop. I bow to the altar. Nilda was following his example here.
You don't have to do it if you're not supposed to pray to a human god.
It's not like that. It's just an interesting custom that I'm copying.
I hope so.
 I wonder if the demon tribe has no religion. I wonder if the demon tribe has no religion, or if the Demon Lord is the highest person in the tribe.

 After the worship, Rike and the others start to prepare the sheet metal. It was quicker for me to light the furnace with magic, so I did it. Nilda's gaze pierces me, but there's something I need to ask you now.

 Nilda and I move to the business meeting area of the workshop, which is just a table and chairs, and sit down facing each other.
So what kind of weapons do you want?
"Well... It may not be familiar to you humans, but I want something thin and long with a single edge, not wide and double-edged like a sword.
A slashing weapon. Should it have a gentle curve or something?
 I whittled a piece of wood from the workshop with a knife. The finished product was not varnished or anything, but it was the kind of thing that every boy would buy on a school trip in the previous world.
Is this the shape you want?
That's exactly what it looks like.
I see. ......
 The weapon that Nilda wants is a sword.