152 preparation for making a sword

 But swords. As an ex-Japanese, I'm a little excited about this request.
 However, even if it is a sword, I don't think I can make a proper Japanese sword.
 It is possible to make it with cheats, but if I use cheats in this world, the material will not be the same as Tamahagane. It doesn't make sense to go to the trouble of covering a custom model quality steel with a high quality model quality steel. .......
 However, because of Rike's training, I'm planning to cover the custom-made model steel with custom-made model steel, although this also makes little sense.

"Alright then, let's go out in the yard for a bit. Bring me what you've got.
 I called out to Nilda.
We'll see how it handles and decide on the length and weight.
"I see.
 Nilda walked out of the workshop and came right back. She came back with a sword in her hand.
 I opened the door to the workshop and went out. Nilda follows me. Nilda doesn't have the advantage of slashing at me here or in the garden, but I've repositioned my knife just in case she makes a strange move.

 Nilda let out a short scream as she stepped out into the garden. Nilda let out a short scream as she stepped out into the garden, for Krull was right next to the door.
"What, you've come out?
"All right, all right. Just stay away from him.
 I stroked Krull's neck as I rubbed his head, and he obediently sat down a little farther away and started picking at the grass. He's a good boy.
"Oh, by the way, you have a running dragon in your house, don't you?
You were driving a cart when we met.
Oh, yeah. But you've taken to him very well.
Aren't all runners like this? I don't know. I don't know about other dragons.
There are dragons in the demon world too, but they're more fierce. It's not so bad that they don't listen to you at all, but it's hard to deal with them because they often turn their head.
"Really? Do they differ so much from dragon to dragon?
I don't know. I don't know. At least it's different from your family's dragon.
 I make a sound like I'm not interested. But I have a hunch. I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to do it.
 Demons are said to be born with stagnant magic in their bodies, and the land of the demon world probably has a lot of stagnant magic. If they continue to consume this magical power as food, their temperament may become more like that of demons.
 These are all just guesses, but if the difference in temperament between Krull and the running dragons of the demon world is quite large, it is highly likely that the difference is due to the difference in the quality of magic power.
 However, if that's the case, I wonder if the demon world is producing a lot of demons. When Nilda gets used to us (and we get used to her), it might be a good idea to ask her.

"Do I wield it here?
"Yes. It can be a performance or a drill. It would be helpful to see how you move as close to actual combat as possible.
 Nilda nodded, pulled out her sword and started swinging. It's not as good as Helen's, but it's a little better than Diana's.
 The only thing is, you want something like a sword, but what you're wielding is an ordinary sword. I have no problem making a sword, but I wonder why. Let me ask him.
"The one you wanted earlier and the one you're wielding now seem to have different shapes.
"The same shape was destroyed by the lightning. The same form was destroyed by lightning.
 Nilda replied in a grumpy voice while wielding her sword. That's true.
I'm sorry I asked you such a strange question.
No, no. It's my inexperience to begin with.
 And so, for a quarter of an hour, I observed Nilda wielding her sword.

"So it's about this long?
 I indicated the length to Nilda with both hands. It's a little long to call it a sidearm. I would call it a small sword.
Isn't it a little short?
"You move as fast as Helen, don't you? I think it would be better if it was shorter and easier to move with.
So I'll make a lighter weight one. I'll make some adjustments after it's done.
All right. I'll leave it to you.
 Now you know the final shape. Now all we have to do is make it.

 I told Krull that I'd see him later, and returned to the workshop with Nilda behind me.