159 the end of a sword-the end of a sword-the end of a sword

 Nilda grabbed her sword and darted outside, cutting the carp's mouth and pulling it free from its scabbard with a slap as the sun did its final work. She threw the scabbard to the ground nearby.
"Nilda, it's torn.
 I muttered to myself. I don't think I said it out loud, but Nilda seemed to hear me.
"Eizo, why do you say that?
 "Eizo, why are you saying that?" she said with a slightly depressed look on her face.
"Sorry, sorry. There's an anecdote from my hometown about a swordsman who threw his scabbard in a duel and was told by the other swordsman. Kojiro.
 Kojiro is defeated. It is said that when Miyamoto Musashi and Sasaki Kojiro fought on Ganryu Island, Musashi said to Kojiro who threw his scabbard.
It is said that this is what Musashi said to Kojiro when he threw away his scabbard in a duel between Miyamoto Musashi and Sasaki Kojiro on Ganryu Island. "If you are determined to win, you would not throw away the scabbard that holds your sword after winning. I see.
"I see. That's true. I'll have to be careful.
 Nilda said admiringly.
"Well, it's not right to carry it around your waist in this outfit, so don't worry about it, just give it a try.

 Nilda held her sword at the upper level and swung it down. It was a flash that seemed to slice through the space. The best way to describe it would be to say that it was beautiful. I didn't care at all about his skin color, tattoos or clothes.
 At the same time, I was in a cold sweat. I was beginning to wonder if I could win in a fight after seeing that flash. Helen had beaten that thing so easily.
 When she attacked our wagon, it may have been because she wasn't familiar with the weapon or its performance, but it was probably because she didn't have the right sword to begin with. That's why I thought his movements were awkward. It seems that his combat skills (or something like that) did not detect that much.
 I tried my best to speak to Nilda calmly, so that she wouldn't notice my inner turmoil.
"How are you doing?
 But Nilda doesn't answer, instead she draws various sword strokes such as side-cleave, upward cut, and thrust. It was as if she was dancing with a veil of golden light, and I forgot my impatience and watched her for a while.
 Eventually, Nilda stopped her dance. I called out to her again.
How's your sword? If it doesn't feel right, I'll fix it first thing tomorrow.
 Nilda still did not answer. Nilda is still not answering. She is trembling with her sword in her hand. Then she turns her head toward me.
 Oh shit, I used a knife when I made the sheath, so I don't have it with me right now. I glanced at the entrance to the workshop. If it comes down to it, I'll just have to run in and fight back. That is, if I don't get cut before I do.

That's great!
 Nilda shouted out in a loud voice while I was still on the edge of my seat. Samija and the others came running out to see what was going on, and Krull came from the hut to see what was going on.
Oh, no.
 Nilda noticed this and blushed, straightening up.
"Mmm. This is very nice.
"Oh, I see. That's good.
 I was relieved. Samija is smiling at me. I can sense big emotional movements. She might have noticed that I was in a hurry earlier.
 I'm sure I've been underestimating Nilda a little bit, so I'd better reflect on that and not protest silently.
 Krull seemed to have realized that nothing seemed to be wrong, and slunk back toward the hut.
 We watched him and went back to the house.

 Nilda said she was going home early the next day because there was no reason for her to stay at home now that the sword was finished, so we made dinner that day a little more luxurious than usual.
 The bread was not fermented bread, which now seems to be a bit of a letdown, but I used the best meat I could find, so I'll let it slide.
 There was no important discussion during the dinner. Someone would talk about something trivial, and everyone would laugh. That's how it went on. When dinner was over and all that was left was to clean up and go to bed, Nilda said.
"You guys have been really good to us.
We're your guests, don't worry about it.
"Hmm. I see.
 Nilda gets up, goes into the drawing room, and comes right back. She had a leather bag in her hand.
If you are a guest, you must be paid appropriately. How much? Thirty gold pieces?
"Yes? Oh, I see.
 It's hard to get rid of this carelessness.
You can pay whatever you want, because we're supposed to take the customer's price for special orders.
 I think Nilda mentioned a huge amount, but I tried not to pay attention to it and answered.
Hmm, I see. That's a lot of money for a blacksmith. Shouldn't you be thinking about making a little more money?

 Nilda's words were met with nods of approval from Rike and Diana. Samija and Liddy were not so sure, and were slightly twitching.
Helen showed you the excellence of our products, and now you're here, right? It's good for our reputation because it brings us more customers and the special order is a learning experience for me.
"I see. ......
 Nilda didn't seem too convinced, but she seemed to accept it for the time being.

That's about it then.
 Nilda rummaged through the leather bag and laid out the contents on the desk.