160 parting from Nilda

 Nilda laid out on the table ten gold coins and one small jewel.
Here's what I consider a fair reward. You may take it.
 He said and I checked. Surprisingly, the gold coins were in circulation around here. They say they do business with the human world, so maybe that's where they got it.
 The jewel was bright red and clear. It might be a ruby. I couldn't find anything about the gem in the installation. I suppose it can be processed by cheats, but I have no idea what kind. It is about the size of a pinky nail.
 When you look through it into the light of a lamp, you can see something shimmering inside.
"A magic jewel, isn't it?
 While I was scrutinizing the jewel, Rieke said to me.
"A magic gem?
It's a hardened form of stagnant magic.
 I repeated myself, and Liddy answered.
You'll be able to find a lot more than just a few of them. When this happens, the magic power is trapped inside, and when you look through it in the light, it shimmers and shimmers.
Is that safe?
It won't flow out once it's like this, so don't worry. It's a pity you can't take it out.
 As if to show that she was fine, Liddy picked up the magical jewel.
It's beautiful. The purity of the magic is high.
It must be. It's a rare gem even in the demon world.
 Nilda said proudly. The demon world is said to have a high level of magical power, so it must produce a certain amount. Maybe it's these exports that are being traded with humans.

I see.
 I took the magical jewel from Liddy and looked at it.
"Well, it's worth no less than 40 gold pieces.
 I'm sure they're expensive because they're jewels, but are they really that expensive?
It's very valuable here, so there's a chance it'll fetch more.
 Leake took over. That would mean that Nilda paid fifty gold pieces or more for the sword.
"Are you sure?
 I asked Nilda.
"Good or bad, Eizo told you to put a price on it, didn't he? To me, it's a fair price.
 Nilda laughed, and I couldn't help but cringe.
Then I'll take it without reservation.
Do it.
 Nilda and I both smiled, and instead of shaking hands, we clinked our cups, which were still slightly full, and drank the contents.

 The next morning, everyone in the house, including Krull, saw Nilda off as she prepared for her journey. I said to Nilda.
"Go straight back to the demon world. I'd appreciate it if you didn't use it until I get back.
 I was prepared for that possibility, but it would be better if the opportunity did not come. It would be impossible not to use it even on the battlefield.
You've been here a long time and you haven't been captured, even though you used Forgetfulness. You've been here long enough without being captured.
"I hope so. Just make sure you go straight back, and don't take any detours.
All right, all right. Don't be like your sister.
 Nilda replied with a bitter look on her face. Your sister seems to be a very strict person. I honestly hope that you will obey your sister's orders and return home safely, but the fact that you are not guaranteed to be safe when you return evokes mixed emotions in me.
 I suppressed my emotions and smiled at him.

"See you later.
 Nilda and I did not shake hands. Nilda and I didn't shake hands, because we both felt it was wrong to do so. Samija and the others must have sensed this, because they didn't say anything.
 Nilda put on her hood and disappeared into the forest. We watched her for a while.