161 living in the woods

 After seeing off Nilda, we went into the house without anyone's help. I guess it's inevitable that our style of ordering makes us feel lonely at times like this.
 It would be good to get used to it, but I think it is not good to get used to this kind of thing. It's okay to be lonely when you're lonely.

 Today, Samija, Diana, and Liddy are going hunting with Krull. Samija and Deanna will be the main ones, and Liddy and Krull will be assistants who are also going for a walk.
 The reason why they didn't go hunting while Nilda was there was that if Nilda went with them, she wouldn't give them information about the Kuro Forest as much as possible, because unlike gathering, hunting involves moving over a larger area and it's harder to see.
 No wonder I didn't go there while Nilda, who seemed to like hunting, was there. I felt a little bad, because I hadn't been aware of that at all.
 After regaining my composure, Rike and I went to work on the forge. I'm going to have to work a little faster.

 We start with the knife. As usual, we heat the sheet metal and hammer it. At that time, I felt that the forging speed of the knife became a little faster, probably because I made the sword.
 I'm sure I'm fast by nature, but is it possible that I'm growing from there, or is it just that my body is catching up with my cheat?
 I don't know which it is, but if there's any room for growth, I'll just stretch it out.

 After that, I continued to pound the sheet metal to make knives, and by the time Samija and the others came back, I had made quite a few. I think there are more than before.
Master, aren't you getting faster?
"Yeah, I guess so.
 The fact that they were fast even from Rike's point of view meant that they were definitely getting faster.
The use of the hammer is different from that of a sword, but it may mean that your body has learned how to use it in a way that can be applied to a knife.
"I see. So, if you make a variety of weapons, you may become faster and faster. The master is amazing. ......
 Ricke said casually. But I had an idea.
 Well, it's possible that the more weapons of different types you make, the better they'll perform, even if they're cheats. It's worth a try in the next two weeks, even if I have to focus on the deliverables this week.

 After this realization, I was cleaning up the workshop when Samija and the others came back. It was a little late, so they must have gone to the back or caught a big one.
Welcome back.
Hey, I'm back.
Did you catch a big one?
Yeah? Yeah. The boar one.
 Samija, who's always so excited when she catches a big one, is strangely quiet.
"What's wrong? What's wrong?
No. ......
We found traces of a big black bear.
 Liddy answered, replacing the slurred Camija.
A bear. We'll have to be careful when we fetch water. Maybe we should put a fence around Kullu's hut so that bears can't get in easily.
 When I say this, Diana replies.
I talked to Samija and Liddy on the way back, and they said it might take a while to get here.
"Well, if you're not in a hurry, that's a relief.
Yeah. I heard you were the one who killed the bear last time.
Hmm? Yeah, I did.
 It wasn't that long ago, but it feels like a long time ago now.
Samija remembered something from that time. So ......
"Oh. I see.
 That was the incident that hurt me the worst so far. The hobgoblin was definitely stronger on its own, but it had help, and the bear was more deadly.
 Besides, with the bear, he saw me get hurt first hand. It must have been a bit traumatic for you. I hope you'll see me safe afterwards, and slowly solve this problem.

We're going to be living in the forest for a long time, so we have to factor in contact with dangerous animals.
"Yes. According to Liddy, they rarely get close to us, but it's possible that the boars will destroy our fields or something.
 Liddy nodded as if taking in Deanna's words.
We should all be careful for the time being. It's not uncommon for people to become demonized, but that doesn't mean it won't happen, and it's most dangerous when you're not careful.
 Everyone nodded at my words. What does it mean to live in the forest? I couldn't help but think about what it meant to live next to nature.