165 Warehouse construction started

 The next day, you begin construction of the warehouse. We set up a rope near Krull's hut as the planned construction site, and decide where to build the pillars.
 Once we've decided on the location, it's my job to dig the holes. The soil around here is hard. I use a plow-like tool to dig the hole and shovel out the soil. In the meantime, have everyone else, including Krull, bring in the lumber.
 Krull is in a good mood because he can carry the lumber, and Diana's mood is getting better and better along with it. That's good.
 After digging the hole and consolidating the soil with small pieces of lumber, we put up the lumber for the pillars. Thanks to Krull's enthusiasm, we finished this part rather easily. The rest of the lumber that was brought to us was cut into boards by me and Samija using a wood saw.
 Since it's a warehouse, we want to make the floor at a height away from the ground so that it doesn't get moisture from the ground. I asked Deanna and the others who hadn't yet made the boards to hang the joists for this purpose. Deanna and Rike are getting used to it, and it's going rather smoothly.
 Liddy has been doing some of the repairs herself in the elf village (the village is basically a remote area, so we can't call in a craftsman every time), so we don't have much to worry about, even if there are still a few things that are not quite right.
 It's just that Rike is half-skilled, and Diana's speed of adaptation is a bit odd. I wonder if it's because she's a tomboy, or if it's because she comes from a family where valor is the honor of the family.

 After laying the joists, we started to lay the beams. I've been making nails (and arrowheads) every now and then in between my blacksmithing work, but in order to consume as little as possible, I'm going to cut "mortises" to fasten the beams to the posts.
 It's an on-site job, but since this area is within the scope of the production cheat, I can make it quickly and easily. The day was over when the beams were handed over and the ridge was raised.
 Even so, this speed for two buildings must be unusually fast. Thanks in part to the cheats, but also thanks to Krull's help.
"You saved me a lot of time. Thank you.
 I said, patting Krull's head.
 Krull squealed happily.

 The next day, I handed over the rafters for the roof. Thanks to Krull, I'm making a lot of progress today. After handing over the rafters to the two buildings, it was time to put up the floor with nails.
 All of us carry the floorboards and fix them to the joists with nails. It's simple, but if one part of the floor is out of place, it won't fit, so the floorboards need to be perfectly aligned so as not to shift.
 The floorboards are not so different from everyone else's, so it takes time to put them up neatly.
 On this day, we finished the flooring of two buildings and called it a day. When the floors alone are done, it gives a sense of building.

 The next day, we started putting up the walls. Of course, we had to open the doors to get in and out, so we made the frames for the doors first. Since this is a warehouse, the size of the door is not a single door, but a double door.
 With a mallet in hand, everyone is silently hammering in nails to fasten the wall panels to the pillars. We fastened the boards from the bottom so that the tops of the boards would be slightly covered. I thought it would be easier to prevent rain from entering the wall, and also to control the humidity.
 This process was done by cheat, of course. Since it was done with a cheat sheet, it requires a bit of precision, but since I've gotten used to it after yesterday's floor-boarding, today's work is proceeding without a hitch.

 However, this is a wallboard of a building of a certain size. Because the area is larger than that of the floorboards, the day ended with the walls being completed.
 At first glance, it looks like a house whose roof was blown off by a storm, because it has no roof and no door.
Will it be finished when the roof is put up tomorrow?
"Yes, it will be. Then we'll put the doors on and it'll be perfect.
 Me, Rike, and Saamya exchanged a few words with each other and began to clean up the day's work.