166 Progress of warehouse construction

 And the next day. Today we were working on the roof and doors of the warehouse. While everyone was putting up the roof, I was making the doors.

 This time we need two sets of double doors. And since these are warehouse doors, they need to be somewhat large. In fact, the opening that is currently empty is quite large. The doors are made to match.
 Cut out a piece of lumber and make four wooden frames. A wooden handle crafted with my knife is attached with nails. In order to prevent the door from opening accidentally, an L-shaped piece to be bolted is attached to the handle.
 It is possible to use the bolts for both the handle and the bolts, but since the door is large, I decided against it. The bolts and fixed parts are not reinforced with metal as in the case of castle gates. Basically, it's just a warehouse in a land where no man or beast comes. .......
 It helps that the production cheat works for making wooden parts. Without it, it would probably take me more than two days just to get the door. Thanks to the cheat, the door itself was finished before everyone had finished putting up the shingles.
 After that, we had to attach the completed door to the opening, but it was too big and heavy for the hinges used in the room to hold up. I called out to the others and went into the workshop.

 I heated up some leftover sheet metal and hammered together a large hinge, a steel rod to connect the left and right sides of the hinge (the frame side and the door side), and a large nail to hold the hinge in place. The size of the hinges can be adjusted by cheating, so don't worry. The speed of construction is also quite fast.
 The hinge that attaches to the door is stretched thinly to about half the width of the door. This distributes the weight of the door and makes it more rigid. When attached, it may look like the gate of a Japanese castle.
 It does not need to be hard, so it is left without hardening. Even the cheats can't control the time it takes for the roof to cool down naturally, so I left the workshop to help put up the shingles.

 Like Krull's hut, the roof of the warehouse is made of toothi roofing. Samija and Diana were working on one side, and Rike and Lidi on the other.
 Rikke and Riddhi are working a little faster than me, maybe because they have experience at home and in their village, and they have one or two steps. So I decided to help with the other one.
 I went around to the side where Samija and Deanna were not working, and put up the boards starting from the part that hit the eaves. If we put up the boards one level higher, overlapping the top half of the first board with the bottom half of the next board, the rain won't leak as much. ...... Maybe.
I was working on the other side.
 I spoke loudly to Samija and Deanna, who were working on the other side. They were the only ones who lived in this area, so it was convenient to ask them.
"Well... There are times when it rains a lot, but I've never had it rain for two weeks straight.
"Right. No more than a week at the most.
 Samija and Deanna reply. So there is something like a rainy season. Even if there is groundwater, it is doubtful that the trees in the forest have roots that deep, otherwise there would not be enough water to sustain the vast forest.
Are we close to that time?
No, I think it's at least another month away.
 Samija, who used to live in this forest, though in a slightly different place, was probably right. So, it's May in the previous world.
 There is a rainy season, but the vegetation and climate do not look subtropical or tropical. The terrain is probably different from the previous world, so it's not surprising. I am not even sure if it is round or not.
 I thanked both of them for answering my questions, and returned to my work.