170 another new weapon

 I'll pull Samija off and let Deanna and Liddy try it out.
 Deanna readies her arrow and draws her bow. I don't know how strong the average woman here is, but she's not as strong as Helen, but she's still pretty strong, so I make sure to match her strength.
 When Deanna shoots the arrow, it reaches the target and pierces it with enough speed, though a little less than with Samija.
"How's that?
It's just right. It's neither too light nor too heavy.
Okay, good.
 Deanna's didn't seem to need any adjustment.
 Finally, Liddy held her bow in the same way. Her bow required the least effort to draw.
 When she released her arrow, it was even slower than Deanna's, but it pierced where she would have aimed.
Mine's just as good.
 In the end, there didn't seem to be any glitches. The three girls got ready and went hunting with Krull.

 The rest of us, Rike and I, had the day to make whatever we wanted.
We can use our bows to get back and forth to the city, maybe we should get some more long range weapons.
That's true.
 It was good that I knew what kind of opponent I was dealing with when I was fighting Nilda, but if I didn't, I would have attacked her from as far away as possible and knocked her down, or run away while she was dazed by the attack, and it's not a bad idea to have weapons that can be used in such situations.

 That's why I decided to make two new tools. One is a spear thrower, and the other is a throwing javelin. Normally, both are made of wood, but since the blacksmith is the one who can use it as a cheat, I decided to make both of them of steel.
 Since I made the bow, I also wanted to see how much the cheat improved with it.

 As usual, I heat the sheet metal on the fire pit and make the shape. It has a hooked tip and a gently curved handle on the other side. I make use of my blacksmith's cheat to make it, but it seems to be somewhat more efficient.
 Is it possible that the level of the cheat increases as you make new things? If so, then making a new one today should increase the efficiency tomorrow. If this is the case, you might want to consider making new ones next time, regardless of whether they sell well or not, or whether they are necessary or not.

 If you make the spear thrower too long and thick, it will be too heavy, so keep it in moderation. Since it will be used only by our people, I've decided to substitute the durability with magic power.
 Next is the spear itself. This one is a little heavier than the others, but that in itself will give it more power, so I don't mind. Stretch the sheet metal thinly and thinly, then roll it up to make a thin steel tube of about 1 meter in thickness.
 At the end of the tube, heat another piece of sheet metal to make a tip and connect it. Since it is a throwing spear, I did not attach a blade to it, but made it in the shape of a square pyramid so that it can be pierced. Since a throwing spear needs to be hard, it was quenched and tempered as well as filled with magic power.
 It looks like a thin iron pipe with a spearhead attached to it.

 All of these tasks can be done with the help of the blacksmith's cheat, and since it's a simple one, it will be finished before Samija and the others return from hunting.
Let's give it a try. ......
 I left Rike in the workshop, practicing to put magic power into it. I left Rike in the workshop practicing his magic casing and went outside with a spear and a throwing javelin to test it out.