171 Check if it's done

 Take the spear thrower and the javelin you have just made and go out to the garden. First of all, try to throw the spear as it is. I'm also getting some combat cheats (I seem to be a lot stronger than most people), so I'll have to subtract that, but it should be enough of an indicator.
 The yard ......, or rather the area around the house, is quite large. There is enough room for 100 to 200 meters. Otherwise, I can't practice archery, and there is no space for a field or an extension.
 The actual flying distance can be measured by eye. Even if the time comes when I actually use it, I won't use a laser rangefinder to measure the distance and throw it.

 Hold the javelin as if you were carrying it, and throw it with a little run-up. The previous world record for javelin throw was about 100m, but of course I couldn't throw that far, so I just eyeballed it and it flew about 50m. This is more than enough to intimidate me.
 Next, I set the spear in the spear thrower and threw it. It flew farther than I expected, about 140 meters, and pierced deeply into the ground.

 I heard that a comedian broke a balloon 100 meters away by throwing a spear with a spear thrower in the previous world, so the spear thrower might be useful.
 However, they are inferior to bows and arrows in sniping, and stone throwers (not large ones like trebuchet, but personal ones called slings) are easier to procure bullets for short distances. The number of bullets that can be carried by a spear and an arrow literally changes by a few digits. This seems to be the reason why there are only a few areas where spears have survived into later generations, even though they have been used since ancient times in the previous world.
 I don't know if there are any spear throwers in our army, but even if you're familiar with them, you won't be able to reach them if you throw them back without a spear thrower. And by the time it reaches you, it will be in range of your bow. In that case, it would be pointless to make one.

 I checked the condition of the spear thrower and the spear I made, but there was still some time left, so I made two more spare spears. They are basically projectile weapons, and without bullets, they are of little use.

 I finished up early, so I took a look at the magic knife that Rike made. It's not as good as the high-end model I make, but it's very good for a general model. If you were an ordinary workshop worker, you could go home with it. When I said so.
When I said that, he said, "My goal is to have it ready when I get my hands on the one you're making as a special order.
That's quite a long time, don't you think?
"Of course! Otherwise, there's no point in being an apprentice!
 "Of course! I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to make it to the top of the line models if I use my iron composition as a dwarf, but now that I know about magic, I might actually be able to reach my custom orders.
 I'm sorry that I can't tell you exactly what it is because mine is a cheat, but I'd like you to do your best even if it's just to see.
That's true.
 When Rike said he was going home, I thought he must be feeling incredibly lonely, but he didn't show it on his face and I smiled.

 Afterwards, as Rike and I were cleaning up, we heard a clanging sound in the workshop. It seemed that the group that had been out hunting had returned.
I'm home.
 Samija came into the workshop with great energy. She's in a good mood.
Oh, welcome back.
I caught the biggest boar ever with that bow!
 Oh, that puts you in a good mood.
Oh, that's good. It's worth it.
It's a good thing we're all good with bows.
It's nice to be able to shoot them before they notice you.
 Deanna and Liddy followed suit. It seems that until now you have only been playing the pose. I think I can understand why it would be easier to be flexible in this area.
"Well, I guess we'll have to splurge a little on lunch tomorrow.
 Samija was happy to hear my words, Rike chided me, and we all laughed.