172 the moon and mountains

 The next morning, as usual, the five of us plus Krull head out to the lake. As usual, I have a shortsword and Rike has an axe (mainly for felling trees), just in case we need protection. The other three have bows.
 The other three have bows, unless there's a magic surprise attack, but in this world where there aren't many magic users, "that's not likely to happen" (according to Riddy), so it's a relief to have more long-range weapons. Bears are probably the biggest threat in the forest right now.
 Krull seems to be in a good mood, since everyone is out together again today.

 As we walked through the forest, half in a picnic mood, we saw an unfamiliar beast in the distance. No, in a way, it is familiar. It looks like a tiger. Since there are tiger beastmen, there must be tigers themselves, right?
 It's obvious, but this is the first time I've seen one in this forest, even if it's only a small part, so I ask Samija about it.
"Is that a tiger?
"Yes, it is. It's rare for them to come this way, though.
 Samija replies as if it's nothing.
"I've seen a few more in the north and west where I was, but wolves have a big territory here, so they don't come around much.
Did the bear chase you?
If it was chased by a bear, it would have gone further north or to the other side of the lake. It's probably just chasing some other prey. It's rare, but it happens.
You're not related, are you?
 No." The last question was answered in a biting manner. As a beastman, he doesn't want to be treated the same as the original beast. In the unlikely event that the voice said, "Isn't that my friend, Lee Choko? But that didn't seem to be the case.
No, it's okay. And for the record, I don't speak your language.
I understand.
 If you could, you'd be Lee Choko.

 The tiger seemed to look at me for a moment, then quickly turned on its heel and disappeared into the forest. It was said to have been chasing its prey, but it was not that hungry. There are plenty of animals that can be preyed upon in this area.

 Although we had a rare encounter, nothing else happened and we arrived at the place where the boar was sunk. Even from the shore, you can clearly see that it is huge. I had killed a very big one before, but it was probably even bigger than that time.
 I tied a rope to a boar that was sinking in the water. The boar was so big that it would be difficult to pull it up, so I asked Krull to help me.
 I, Samija, Diana, and Krull pull the rope attached to the boar. Even with Krull's help, I still feel the weight of the rope.
 Eventually, a boar emerged from the water. Even with its organs removed, it still seemed to weigh about 300kg. The internal organs of a boar of this size would have weighed quite a lot. It must have been a very good meal for the wolves around here.

 While we were pulling out the boar, Rikke and Liddy had cut down a tree to make a platform for us. We all pulled the boar up to it. It was the first time for me to experience that it was still heavy even after gathering the power of a cheat, a dwarf, a beastman and a running dragon. If Krull hadn't been there, we might not have been able to bring it back.
 I fixed the boar's body, which was so big that it protruded from the carrying platform, with a rope. It would have been better to fix the boar at the legs, but even there it was too thick, so it took a lot of effort.

 All of us, including Krull, dragged the platform on which the boar was fixed with great difficulty. The weight is still unbelievably heavy, but thanks to Krull, we are able to move forward at a reasonable speed. It was much slower than usual, but we managed to come back in the afternoon.

 We brought back the boar's body and hung it on a tree with some difficulty again. With Krull's help, of course. Otherwise it would have been impossible to hang the huge body.
 After that, the dismantling of the boar took some effort because of its size, but the work itself proceeded as usual. This would not have been possible if I had not used a custom-made knife. Thanks for the cheat, as I always think.

 It took about an hour for the five of us to dismantle it, and we were able to separate the meat from the unwanted parts. We took the salted and dried parts into the warehouse.
 I'm glad I built this warehouse. If we hadn't built it, we would have almost 300kg of meat drying in the workshop.

 It was well past noon by the time we finished these tasks, but it was still quite early in the evening. Everyone's stomachs, including my own, were already empty, and a chorus of cries for food began.
 I went back to the house with a portion of meat to make the feast I had promised.