173 Grilled minced meat.

 I'm starving and want to eat early, but I also want to eat good food. So, I'm going to ask everyone to be patient and get ready.

 I prepared a cutting board and used a knife to chop the boar meat. No matter how hard you try, you can't chop it as neatly as you can with a proper mincer, but chop it as finely as you can and make it into minced meat.
 Put the minced meat into a wooden bowl and knead it. When it became a little sticky and could be shaped, I divided it into five pieces and made a hollow in the middle.
 Turn on the heat of the stove and adjust the heat to medium. If you have a gas stove, you can adjust the heat with a knob, and if you have an induction cooker, you can use a button, but with this kamado, you basically use charcoal, so fine adjustment is difficult. A certain amount of burning or something is tolerable.

 Spread boar fat on the bottom of a warm pot and place a lump of minced meat on it.
 After 3 minutes of cooking, turn the meat over, add a little wine, cover with a lid, and wait for another 3 minutes. In the previous world, rare meat was popular, but I don't dare to eat wild boar's raw meat.
 When I added charcoal to the stove and opened the lid, I could smell a good smell. Let's cook it a little longer and finish it.

 Samija's eyes lit up when she saw the dish we were serving, a wild boar hamburger (more like a hamburger, to be precise). The sauce on it is the one I always make for steak. Personally, it would have been perfect if it had a fried egg or cheese on it, but what can you do without?

 We all said "Itadakimasu" together and started eating.
Deanna said, "I've had something like this before, but this is good too.
 Deanna said. The Count's family seems to have eaten a lot of food and knows a lot about cooking.
Is it still there?
 Well, chopping up garbage or tough meat to make it tender, and then grilling it until it's cooked through because it's scary when it's raw, seems like a natural idea, if not a great one.
It's a bit more messy than that.
 "It was more messy than that. But if you just say how to make it, there is not much difference. That's why I made a hamburger in the previous world, which was probably made a little further back in time.

In my family, we didn't have such a thing. We used to eat mostly dried meat.
 It was Rike who said this. When fresh meat is hard to come by, there is a limit to how much you can invent. In the previous world, I heard that there was a special recipe book for Jinhua ham, so I think there are many recipes for dried meat in this world .......
 However, I don't have an image of dwarves cooking delicately because of the image of the previous world. In the past, I've heard that there are dwarven cooks in the cities where many dwarves live, so I'm sure they can cook delicately.

I've never eaten meat in my village before, so this is new to me.
 This time it was Liddy the Elf. This time, it was Liddy, an elf, who said, "I've never had this kind of food before.
 In fact, meat, whether raw or salted, is served in our house every day, and Riddhi eats it normally and is never sick.

We were all very hungry today, so I guess it's good for us.
"No, I think it's good!
 "No, I think it's good!" Samija insists loudly. She seems to like it very much.
"Okay, okay. Maybe next time when we have more time.
 The hamburger steak was good, tender and tasted like boar meat, but it took a long time to prepare.
 Since I'm a blacksmith, I can probably make a mincer, but I feel that I'm a little ahead of my time, so I'll forgo it for now.
 Afterwards, we all had a nice dinner, talking about what kind of food we wanted to eat.