174 a second request

 For the next few days, I worked as usual. We made knives and swords. As usual, Rike is the regular model and I am the high end model.
 But what's a little different is that I'm making them faster. I don't know if it's because the cheat is getting accustomed to my body, or if the level of the cheat itself is increasing, but it seems that I'm getting faster with each new creation.
 If this is the case, it would be better to make time to create something new, even if it is only for one day at a time. If you find something that will sell well, you can add it to the lineup of Eizo Kobo. I should ask Camilo about the best-selling items.

 Then the day of delivery arrived. I loaded up the cart with my stuff and weapons for self-defense, hooked up Krull, who was in a good mood when he found out I was going out, and off we went.
 We go through the forest with a rumble. The speed is quite fast, probably due to the fact that Rike is getting used to the controls. I wonder if the tiger has already returned to its home.
 If possible, it would be best if we didn't run into a bear and hurt each other. I was thinking about this as I occasionally heard the faint sound of birdsong mixed with the sound of wheels, and the scenery drifted by.

 The dragon chariot driven by Rike soon reached the street. From here, the speed increases even more. The biggest difference this time is that we have three more projectile weapons. It is reassuring to know that we can start shooting as soon as we find them, not only in the forest, but also on the plain on the other side.

 I'm sure he didn't know that, but emotionally, if not in terms of speed, he took it easy on the road and arrived at the city. I bade farewell to the guard with the halberd and entered the city. He looks a little better than he did the last time I was here, so perhaps Marius has given him the proper notice.

 We walk slowly through the city. I'm getting fewer stares than when I came here before. I don't come here as often as I used to, but I guess people have come to know me as such. The city is lively, but it feels more like a rush than a bustle.
 I would say it's more like a flurry than a bustle. We arrived at Camilo's store with a slightly unsettled air.

 We put the cart in the warehouse, took Krull to the back, and headed for the business meeting room. After a short wait, Camilo and the manager came in, still a little rushed.
You look busy.
"Well, a little.
 It's not a good time when Camilo uses this kind of slurred speech, but I let it pass. First of all, let's talk about business. I'm sure Camilo is aware of that.
I've brought the usual. I've got a spear and a bow on the cart, but they're not for sale, so be careful.
All right.
 Camilo looked at the foreman and the foreman nodded.
We've got the seed potatoes here.
Oh, yeah? Oh, yeah. Thanks.
 If we can get some potatoes, it will be easier for us to stay in the forest than before. Of course, we can't rely on potatoes alone, so we'll need some.
The northern seasoning is on its way. ......
There's a problem at the Empire. They can't get it to the Kingdom right now.
A problem. ....... I said I'd wait it out, don't worry about it.
Sorry, thanks. I'm gonna need your help with one of these problems.
I don't have any backing, all right?
I don't expect you to.
 Camilo chuckles at my words. I might be able to get help from the Count of Amur, but then Camilo wouldn't have to go through me.

As part of the solution, I would like to ask you to mass produce weapons again.
 Camilo said frankly.