175 neighboring country

"Mass production.
 I can make more now because I'm producing even faster, and it depends on what I'm producing, but it won't be a problem.
I don't mind, but in exchange for ......
What's the alternative?
Can you at least explain what's going on?
 That's what I told Camilo. I felt that it would be different if I just listened to what the client said without understanding anything.

 Camilo always ponders before explaining to me. He may want to avoid getting involved by telling me about it, but lately I can't help feeling that he has other intentions.
 I haven't asked him about it, because it would be uncivilized to do so, but I wonder if he will tell me someday.
"Don't tell anyone about this, okay?
"I don't have anyone to talk to.
That's true.
 Camilo chuckles at my words. He's one of the few people who know where I live. I live in a house in the middle of the forest where almost no one comes, and I never have a chance to talk to someone who is not here. Very occasionally I have guests, but other than that I have no one to talk to, so there is no way to leak anything.
 I looked around at everyone, and they were all nodding. They don't have anyone to talk to either.

 When Camilo saw this, he took a breath and said.
"I won't go into details here, but there will be a revolution in the Empire soon. The ringleaders are saying that the emperor will be overthrown and the people will rule.
That doesn't sound good.
Yeah. It seems that the kingdom, having received this information, intends to take advantage of the chaos to expand its territory a little.
So, is it the Count's turn?
No, the Marquis. Via the Count.
Yeah, .......
 The Marquis of Menzel. Marius - he's the guardian of the Count of Amur. I think the man knows to some extent.
Can't we just let Marius take the credit?
"No. If we do that, he'll be accused of favoritism, and more importantly, the Count will gain too much power.
You mean it wouldn't make anyone happy to think that the Count of Amur, a man of valor, could take over the throne and successfully complete two missions out of the blue?
"That's what I mean. I'm sure you'll be happy to know that I'm not the only one who's had a bad experience. And this time, it's you I want.
Through Marius?
Through Marius.
 Then we're almost there. I'm supposed to be a friend of some standing in the north, but I was with a supply convoy on a demon-slaying expedition. I don't know if they know that I made the heirloom, though.

I can't say no to her if she's naming me. So what am I supposed to make?
"Twenty spears and thirty long swords.
That's less than I thought.
The Empire will know if we make a public move. They're going with the minimum number of men.
"I see.
So, I'm sorry, but I need it next week.
Next week. ......
 I'll think about it. Last time I made 50 swords, they were fine. If I make 20 of the spears and leave the swords to Rikke and the others, I think I can make it. I'm getting more efficient.
No, I'm good. I'll come back next week to deliver.
Good luck.
 Camilo and I shook hands firmly. I hope we don't get into any trouble.