176 one's way home

 We also needed materials for mass production, so we had to bring back extra for that. The foreman should be in charge of loading them into the wagons by now.
 We and Camilo stayed behind to talk about other things.
By the way, did you deliver the letter?
Yeah, I did. If it had gone on any longer, it would have affected the circulation, and it would have cost the Count a lot of money to have the guards patrolling. He said he'll pretend he got rid of them and won't ask for anything in return.
That's good to know.
 In spite of this suspicious banditry, the fact that the territory is being governed without any serious damage is probably one of the reasons why Marius could not be brought in this time.
 This is one of the reasons why Marius was not brought in this time. If I had been accidentally reincarnated into a noble family, I would have had to deal with that kind of thing, and just thinking about it gives me heartburn.

 As for the development of the suspension, they are currently testing a prototype on a flight between the capital and the city. The mechanism itself is not that difficult, and it will not be long before mass production. I didn't tell him about the shock absorber, so if Camilo develops one on his own, I'll ask him to tell me about it or sell it to me.
 Other than that, it was mostly chatting. I heard that the wheat was growing a bit poorly here and there, and that the number of thieves in the area was decreasing. It's important, but not something that will have a big impact on my life anytime soon.

 In the meantime, the watchman comes to call us with a bag of silver coins. Well, let's go home.
 We leave the meeting room and tie Krull to a cart full of goods. I pat Krull's neck and say.
"It's a heavier day, but good luck.
 I don't know if it's the nature of running dragons, or if it's just Krull's personality. Krull's voice sounded even more enthusiastic when he heard that it was heavy.
 He starts out slowly, but then starts moving at his usual speed. It's still in the city, so it's not too fast. We seem to be okay for now, but the problem will be when we get to the street.

 He bows to the guards at the entrance and leaves the city. Rieke took control of the reins, and Krull, sensing his intentions, increased his speed. Eventually he reaches the same speed as usual. He still looks okay, but he checks with Rike, who is actually controlling him.
"How's it going?
Krull, you look fine.
If it comes to it, we'll get off and walk. If Krull gets tired or anything, just let us know.
All right.
 I'm not sure what the upper limit is, because I've been pretty comfortable with the heavier weight. If it is safe to carry a certain amount of household goods, I'm sure it will be safe in case of emergency, but I don't feel like trying. I'm afraid of my mom (Deanna), and more importantly, I'm not sure I'm up for it.
 In such a case, it would be enough to take the money, not the tools, and just the people. Sarmyas and Liddy will need to be handled with a bit of care, but it would be naive to think that we can get away with it by sending everyone back to their hometown .......

 Be wary of your surroundings. According to Samija and Diana, the rainy season (or something like that) will soon begin, and the flowers and grasses are trying to take advantage of it, and the lush green meadows are growing taller. I'm sure that the roots of each plant are spreading along with it.
 However, when the rainy season is over and the grasslands become a sea of green, the increase in the number of grasses as tall as a man will be a little troublesome. It will be difficult to see them and the power of the bow and arrow will be reduced.
 While I was thinking about this, I came to the entrance of the forest.

"Are you still okay?
 I asked Lique.
 Krull squealed loudly, not hiding his good mood at all. I said, envious of his energy.
"Okay. I'll see you later.
 The forest slowed him down, but he continued on his way with steady steps.

Is the bear all right?
Krull isn't spooked, and it's not up my nose.
 I'm more comfortable in the forest where the only people you have to watch out for are bears and tigers than on the street where you never know who might come out of nowhere.
 And there is a veteran of the forest named Samija. On the other hand, bears and tigers are more dangerous if they come at you, but that rarely happens.

 The cart and the rattletrap arrived home safely, listening to the cries of the birds.