185 camp

 The speed of the carriage was fast for an ordinary carriage. The surrounding scenery changes along with it.
 Only occasionally, when passing or overtaking other carriages or travelers, will you slow down a little so that they don't notice that you have suspension.
 When I say "slow down," you can still feel that I'm going pretty fast. That's about right.

 If you keep running at full speed, the horse will naturally be crushed. It is different from a running dragon, which seems to be able to move inexhaustibly if it absorbs magic power.
 Therefore, you have to take a break from time to time. Water, salt and fodder for the horses, and food and water for us. Even with the breaks, our pace seemed to be fast enough, and Camilo said, "I'm glad you taught me that.

 The mountains that we had passed through had long since disappeared behind us, and we were surrounded by a landscape that was a bit lonely to call a grassland.
 There was less grass than in the vicinity of our house, and rocks were lying around as if they were substitutes. Since we couldn't get off the carriage, we couldn't take a closer look, but the vegetation seemed to be different.
 If things settle down, it might be a good idea to take a leisurely visit to this area. ...... if they're willing to let me in the next time I come back.

 The sun was about to set, so we started to prepare for camping. I had already filled up an empty barrel with water on the way, so all I had to do was make a fire. There was no tent, so we wrapped ourselves in blankets and went to sleep.
 The food we ate was a simple soup of dried meat and beans that we had brought with us, but it was much better than biting into it as if we were resting. The three of us, Camilo, and Mr. Gosha, ate leisurely and went to sleep, taking turns to stand guard.

 In the middle of the night, we were shaken awake by a whirring sound.
We'll take turns.
I understand.
 It's the gentleman. He has to operate the carriage again tomorrow, so he will stand the first watch and then sleep until morning.
I've made you some tea.
"Oh, I'm sorry, thank you. Good night.
"Thank you very much. Good night.
 With a blanket pulled over his head, he looks around with a short spear. It is hard to see at night because of the fire, but the full moon is out in a perfect circle, illuminating the area quietly.

 The moon is difficult to see in the forest, and during the expedition I had returned to my tent as soon as night fell, so this was the first time since I came here that I could see it clearly.
 The blue glow without any craters makes me realize that this is a different world, but it is still beautiful.
 According to my installation knowledge, the moon here is shining by reflecting the sun's light. It seems that it shines with the blessing of the Moon Goddess, and I don't know what kind of material it is made of, because my knowledge is not applicable.
 The sun is also said to be blessed by the sun god, which means that the knowledge of the previous world does not apply to this part.
 The "common sense" of this world is that the sun and the moon come and go based on a bold myth that the gods throw their blessings on both the sun and the moon.
 The reason why there are four seasons is that the lazy sun god feels blessed from spring to summer, and then gets tired in the winter and saves his blessings.
 The same is true for the phases of the moon. It is said that the short-tempered moon goddesses cycle through their blessings in about one month.

 While basking in the light of such a short-tempered moon goddess's blessing, I occasionally add wood to the fire and watch the quiet plain. From time to time, I hear the sound of some kind of beast, which chills my heart, but there is no sign that it is approaching me.
 We spent the night in a leisurely manner for a watchman.