186 Arrived in town

 When the time is right, I boil water in the fire, make tea, and wake Camilo.
Let's go.
 Camilo wakes up quickly, even though he was woken up in his sleep.
You're a good sleeper.
When you've been peddling for a long time, you learn to fall asleep quickly and wake up quickly.
I see.
 I'm sure you've been on watch like this more than once or twice. This is what I mean when I say that experience speaks for itself.
 You offer Camilo a cup of tea.
"Oh, I'm sorry. Good night.
Thank you. Good night.
 I greeted Camilo and lay down under the blanket to get some sleep.

 The next morning, I wake up before I am awakened. The guru and Camilo were already awake. Camilo was just standing guard, but he was still awake.
"Oh, you're up. Good morning.
Good morning.
 They greeted me, and I said good morning to them.
Thanks to that plate spring mechanism you taught me, I'll be in town today.
That's what it's all about.
 While preparing to leave, I had a conversation with Camilo. Mr. Gosha also said that it was less painful than the speed.
 I can't deny that we've moved the needle of civilization forward a bit. This will increase the speed of the flow of various "things".
 It's not too complicated in terms of mechanism, so it's just a question of at what stage someone like da Vinci in the previous world will come out to give a breakthrough to civilization.

 We were ready to leave, so we all got in and headed down the street. As on the previous day, we ride fast when there are no other people (or carriages) around, and slow down a bit when there are not.
 Occasionally we would see a large rocky mountain in the distance. Camilo told me that the Empire has more mines than the Kingdom. Perhaps Rike is from the Empire.
 The landscape as a whole is rather desolate. Some parts of the landscape are covered with grass, so it may not be unsuitable for cultivation, but the area seems to be uninhabited.
 The kingdom also has a large expanse of grassland, but it seems that the cultivated land near the city and the capital is sufficient, and it doesn't extend very far, so it's not strange to think of it as a similar situation.

 On the way, we took a break to rest our horses. As he washed his face with water, Camilo said.
It's good that you're going fast, but it also means that your horse will get tired easily.
Horses have their limits, you know.
It would be nice if there were horses that could be fed and run without tiring.
If there were such a thing, peddlers would use them all the time.
Of course.
 In this world, running dragons are relatively similar, but the aspect of supplying magic power is not known to the general public.
 The only people who know about it are the elves, and probably only a few people in the royal court. At the very least, it's not something that can be brought down to the countess. In any case, even if they know about it, it is meaningless unless they can ensure a stable supply of magic power.
 If there is a tool that can provide a stable supply of magic, or if there is the development of internal combustion engines, starting with the steam engine, the ideal that Camilo envisions will come to pass, but at least I have no intention of getting involved in that.
 From the history of the previous world, I may be able to see the beginning of it in my lifetime, but it will be impossible to see its development.

 After taking a break, I ran along the road. The sun would be setting in a couple of hours, and the number of wagons on the road suddenly increased.
It's about time.
 I call out to Camilo.
"Yes, it is. That's the one you see over there.
 I looked in the direction Camilo was pointing and saw a walled city.

 Is that where Helen is being held? I squeezed the edge of the back of the truck.