188 the first day of infiltration

 I slowly made my way through the hustle and bustle of the city and eventually arrived at my destination, an inn.
 The inn was of a decent size and had a very nice store.
 Kamilo told the innkeeper that he would be staying for about a week, and secured a room for the three of them. This time, the gentleman would stay with us.
 Of course, he is not only a priest, but also a gatherer of information. We will have to pay the innkeeper to keep an eye on the luggage in the carriage.

 We all gathered in Camilo's room once we had brought in the necessary luggage for our stay.
 I talk to Camilo.
"You've got a pretty nice place, huh?
If you don't have a solid place, they won't take you seriously and you won't get much information.
I see.
And it'll affect our ability to collect information.
What do you mean?
Well, since we're looking for information on the warehouse, we have to look like we're making money. So me and Eizo are going to the free market to do some business. I don't have to tell you what our real goal is, do I?
 I nodded.
I nodded. "We're thinking of setting up store here, do you know of a warehouse?" You mean.
That's what I meant.
 The thought that Helen was still trapped somewhere in this city made me want to help her as soon as possible, but there was nothing I could do about it.
 The gentleman - Franz, it seems - opens his mouth.
"What about me?
You're here to gather information while we're out in Free City. I want you to find a place where there is little traffic for such a large city.
 Camilo replied, and Franz nodded, "I understand.
We'll check it out tomorrow for now.
 Camilo and Franz nodded again, and the day was over.

 The next morning, we took the carriage to the Free City. Of course, Franz was in control. As a commercial city, the free market here is quite large.
 Considering that there are some merchants who have their stores mostly here, you can see how big it is.
 The rules of the market are almost the same as those of the free market in the city I'm visiting. You pay for a space according to its size, and if you don't have a stand, you rent one and do business in the vacant space.

 This time, we'll take a place of a certain size. We don't intend to do any real business, so we'll be on the edge. I'll use a simple furnace.
 Camilo stands in front of me, lays out his knives, and we begin our business. Sometimes he shows off his sharpness to the customers.
 Behind him, as I'm lighting the furnace and getting it ready for use, a man comes up and holds out the sword at his hip to Camilo.
"Can you fix this?
 Camilo looked back at me. I stand up and pull out the sword he offers me.
 It's clean but barely sheathed, warped, and badly spilled. The material is steel, according to the senses of a ...... cheat. I can fix it.
I can fix it.
How long will it take?
About an hour. I'll sharpen the blade, okay?
Yes, of course.
Well, I'll leave it with you.
 The man turns around and walks away.

I never thought I'd be doing proper blacksmith work.
If this goes well, you'll move here?
"Don't be silly.
 Camillo and I laughed at each other and I put my sword on the anvil. Now, let's get to work.