189 sword repair

 I'm repairing the sword that was entrusted to me. It seems that neither the distortion nor the spilling of the blade need to be heated.
 If the distortion was so bad that it wouldn't fit in the scabbard completely, I would have had to heat it up and quench it, but it's not that bad.
 Unless it was a very important sword, it would have been replaced before it became so, so it was not surprising.

 Hammer the blade to remove the distortion. There is a loud sound in the area, but they are probably making something in the distance, and it's quite loud, so I don't hesitate to give it my all.
 At this moment, I realized that there is not much magic in this kind of place. I can fix the distortion, but I can't get any magic power into it.
 I don't want to make the original performance of the sword significantly higher than it is, so if I repair it as if I were making a high-end model, I should be able to fix it to the same level.

 I continued to beat on the sword, and was eventually able to straighten it out. Now all that was left was to sharpen it.
 With a little concentration, I sharpened the blade just enough so that it would not spill. Eventually, I found a sword that was not quite as good as a new one, but had been used for some time.
"Okay, that's it.
"Oh, is it done?
 I wiped the blade clean and showed it to Camilo.
"You're good at repairing swords. That's good.
Well, if you can't fix it, you're not a blacksmith, are you?
That's true.
We never talked about the price.
 I suddenly remembered. I accepted it quickly, but I didn't decide how much I would get. In the first place, the guy didn't ask how much it would be.

"There's usually a set price for this kind of thing.
"Is that so?
Yeah. For a town the size of this one, I'd say five coppers to one silver.
 The highest price of one silver coin is about the wholesale price of a normal model of our product.
 Of course, it is a wholesale price, so when Camilo sells it, the cost and profit will be added to it. So it's not strange that Camilo wants to repair it because it's cheaper than buying a new one.
What about this one?
 I pointed to the sword I had just repaired.
 Five coppers is almost enough to pay for my labor, but I can also earn money for the place if I repair it in an hour. That's enough for one person to live on.
One silver coin, that is.
 Camilo said without hesitation.
"Is that so?
I've fixed it up to the point where it's almost, if not quite, like new. If you have a problem with it, just give me one of the new ones here and I'll take it back.
 I just nodded once at Camilo's tone of voice, as if to say, "Of course.

 Not long after that, the man who had asked me to fix it came back.
"How's it going?
"Oh, it's done.
 I handed him the repaired sword, scabbard and all. The man pulls it out and looks at it.
"How is it?
 I call out to the man. I've fixed it to the point where he can't complain, but if he's a nasty customer, he might have some complaints.
 I braced myself a little. But all that preparation was for naught. The man simply said
"That's fine. Can I have a piece of silver?
 He replied.
"Hey. No problem.
 I replied calmly, trying not to show my surprise. The man took out a silver coin from his pocket, handed it to me and walked away with a light step.

 After that, I was at a loss for words. If I couldn't put any magic into it, I wouldn't have much motivation to make something new.
 There is a certain amount of sheet metal that I brought from home, which is filled with magic power, so I can use it to make things a little more flexible, but if I don't save it for the right moment, I may end up in a bind.
 There's also my product for sale here, so there's a way to use that, but I'd like to avoid that too.
 On the other hand, mass-producing a product that is known to have reached its peak performance is not an option. ...... In the end, the only thing I could do was to repair it.

 Camilo, on the other hand, has been making a good amount of sales and has been collecting information. He said to a man, who was probably also a vendor, that he was going to buy a bunch of goods.
I'm thinking of opening a store here, do you know any good places? I'm thinking of opening a shop here.
 I'd like a big place without too much traffic. Most of them didn't know about it because they were rootless peddlers, but some of them told me that there was a warehouse there that was open.
 It was possible that Helen was being held in one of these warehouses.

 And that was the end of the day's business. Now it's time to do some backtracking.