190 Nightly Information Gathering

 We will have dinner at a tavern, not an inn. The purpose of this is to gather information and to verify it.
 The more flashy the better for gathering information, but the more conspicuous it is, the more likely it is that someone will find out what we are up to.
 He wants to start a business in the city as a cover, but since he won't actually do so, there will inevitably be a breach somewhere.
 So I'm going to get rid of it before it gets out. If possible, it would be best to take advantage of some kind of chaos and escape, but I'm not sure if I have time to go that far.

 So, when I gather information, I just say things like, "This town looks like a good place to do business," or "To do that, I need a warehouse, but I can't build a new one, so I'll have to rent one.
 The information gathered from this is not much. But if you examine it carefully, you can eliminate one more piece of necessary information.
 We ate (and drank moderately) while gathering information like this, and returned to the inn.

"Now, about the information we gathered today.
"How was it?
 The three men gathered in Camilo's room and started talking.
 I don't know much about it, so it's basically Camilo and Franz's job to examine it.
There are about six things that apply, and three of them are clean. Three of them are clean, and one of them is highly probable, but nothing conclusive. The other two are suspected, but not as probable as the first one.
 When I heard Franz's report, I interrupted him.
So you're going to try that one?
"That's a bit premature.
 Camilo replied to my words.
If we don't get some more confirmation, we might as well just sneak in and be ordinary bandits.
Hmm. ......
 That's true, too. If Helen isn't there when you get in, you're just an ordinary thief trying to steal.
 If that's all, that's fine, but you never know what the people holding Helen will think of a thief who sneaks into a place with little luggage.
 I think Camilo is right when he says we should be careful here.
"All right. Then I'll just be a blacksmith for a while longer.
You got it. Well, I'm not so sure about that when the revolution is ready.
Is that so?
If it starts, we'll break in from the most likely side. If it starts, we'll break in on the most likely first, because it's a mess, we won't know who's in, and we won't know what's going to happen.
I see.
Well, tomorrow we'll narrow it down and figure out how to approach the most probable targets.
 Mr. Franz took over the conversation and the day ended.

 The next day, our second day in the city, was similar. There were a few sword repairs, probably advertised by the man who had asked me to repair his sword yesterday.
 All of these repairs were done for a single silver coin, so the sales were reasonable. I'm grateful for the positive response, but I have mixed feelings, because this is not the purpose of this event.
 I had dinner at the tavern and went to the inn to check.
The one with the highest probability stinks. It's the only one where there's almost no one coming and going. In the other two, there was a lot of traffic, but not a lot of luggage.
"Hmm ......
 Camilo's head twisted at Franz's report. You can't hide a secret in a place where you don't know who will come (of course, it's the person who signed the contract) at any time.

 After thinking for a while, Camilo opened his mouth.
All right, then, we'll check inside tomorrow if we can. Once we're sure, we'll start the rescue.
 Finally. I'll give it my all when the time comes. With that in mind, I prayed for Helen's safety for the time being.