191 the commencement of operations

 The next day, we quit our stall at the free market and went into town.
 Camilo said that it is not suspicious to do business for two days and do something else for one day, so we should be fine.
 Today is the day when I'm going to check on one suspicious place. It is now a little after morning.

 We left the carriage at the inn, and the three of us went down the street. As I thought when I came here on the first day, there are many different races here, just like in the Kingdom.
 There are beastmen, Marites, and Dwarves. I don't see elves here either, as they lack the magic power necessary for life.
 The city is a little different from the city of the kingdom in that there are more giants here.
"There are more giants here than there are over there."
 I asked Camilo.
"Yeah, the Titans are originally from the Empire. It's not convenient for them to travel long distances, so most of them are in the Empire.
"I see.
 I don't know if the humans came to the Titans or vice versa, but since they joined forces during the great war 600 years ago, they've been living in harmony. I guess they are living in harmony (?) since they joined forces during the great war 600 years ago.
 If you look carefully at the stalls, you can see that there are prices for giants written on them in addition to the prices for humans.
 If they need more supplies in proportion to their size, it's not hard to understand why they're not suitable for expeditions.

What are the chances of them joining "that"?
Of course they will. They're part of the Empire. They're treated no differently than humans.
That would be chaos.
They're a big force to be reckoned with. ......
 If the weapons are big enough for the Titans' bodies, it goes without saying that they'd be a threat even if they were wielded.
 If they were to join the revolution, it would be almost as much of a threat as a siege weapon. The fear of the defenders can only be imagined.
 On the other hand, the chaos would be so great that it would be easier to escape if we took advantage of it if it occurred during the rescue.

The place where it happened is just ahead, isn't it?
 Franz stopped in his tracks. It's a little outside the city, but not too far from the perimeter.
It's closer to the center than I thought.
 I say, and Camilo replies.
It's a bit more conspicuous on the periphery than it is on the periphery. If we're going to be transporting it, we'd like to be somewhere a little out of the way, where we can quickly blend in with the crowd.
That's good for us.
 It's a little secluded, so you can't see the entrance very well. It's a little secluded, so you can't see the entrance very well, but if you peek in too much, you'll look completely suspicious, and it's not good for people to remember your face.
 We walked towards the back of the building.

 There is another warehouse right behind the one we want. There seemed to be a gap between the two, but it was unlikely that we would be able to directly enter the back of our target location.
 The road was lined with stone warehouses at both ends, as if they were another barrier.
 A few other people were passing by, so we blended in with them and walked past.

It's tough to see in, of course.
 Camilo said after we had gone a long way.
It's a warehouse. It would be nice if we could at least get a look at it from somewhere. Is there any sewage?
There is, but there's no reason to run it under the warehouse. ......
 My question was answered by Mr. Frantz. So, if he is there, he can't use the sewer to escape.
 There is no need to prepare an escape route to keep a person prisoner.
What should I do?
 Camilo ponders as he walks.

"I have an idea.
 Seeing this, I called out to him.